101 in 1001

I'd never heard of it until today, and I have spent the morning furiously googling people's lists and blogs dedicated to this challenge. I absolutely love the concept, much more than any New Years Resolution list!

So here goes...

START: January 9, 2012
END: October 6, 2014

PROGRESS: 53 / 101

1) Get married.
2) Design an album for our wedding.
3) Get a pet.
4) Get pregnant.
5) Frame an ultrasound picture.
6) Start a scrapbook.
7) Knit another baby blanket.
8) Attend a surprise party.
9) Watch 5 movies of Beans' choosing.
10) Watch all of the films nominated for Best Picture, 3 years in a row.
11) Have a James Bond marathon.
12) Host a Superbowl party (& make a Superbowl cake).
13) Pick a fruit off a tree and eat it right away.
14) Read an entire book in one day.
15) Read 24 books.
16) Declutter every nook and cranny in my house.
17) Design the perfect nursery.
18) Have a guest week on the blog.
19) Be a guest blogger.
20) Have my blog professionally re-designed.
21) Hire a videographer and shoot a promotional video.
22) Be featured on a wedding blog.
23) Be featured in a wedding magazine.
24) Meet Jamie Delaine.
25) Host a boudoir marathon.
26) Put together a comprehensive branding sheet.
27) Do a Dear Photograph shoot.
28) Create a blog installment on post processing trips and tricks.   
29) Shoot a destination wedding.
30) Get custom designed stationery. 
31) Host a workshop or a webinar.
32) Have a great space for meeting clients, either home or away.
33) Submit a photo to a contest. Of any kind!
34) Have bio photos taken, by someone I consider great.
35) Play charades again.
36) Cook a turkey.
37) Take a really cheap last minute vacation.
38) Visit a city alone, to write, think, and photograph.
39) Go to a concert.
40) Visit New York City.
41) See the Hollywood sign.
42) See Blue Man Group.
43) Visit an aquarium.
44) Attend a wedding as a guest, and NOT bring a camera.
45) Attend a wedding workshop.
46) Celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Laura Kelly Photography.
47) Give a 100% tip.
48) Post a day in the life (in pictures) post, and keep it honest.
49) Do an anonymous favour.
50) Volunteer for the Community Association.
51) Join a book club!
52) Attend an event to support a friend's talents, hobbies, or efforts.
53) Get my G license.
54) Order a canvas print or two for my own house.
55) Design a home office that reflects my brand.
56) Jog outside 3 times a week for a month.
57) Take a spin class twice a week for a month.
58) Run another 5K.
59) Drink an umbrella drink on the beach.
60) Make the time to stay in touch with best friends. 
61) Get dressed up for a dinner at home.
62) See a celebrity.
63) Own the PostSecret books.
64) Celebrate a half birthday.
65) Eat lunch on a park bench and people watch.
66) Fill a notebook.
67) Stand in a place that was filmed in a movie or TV show I love.
68) Order a martini.
69) Laugh until I can't breathe.
70) Meet someone who loves taking photos as much as I do.
71) Fail miserably at something, and consider it a valued experience.
72) Order something to Ogdensburg and drive there to get it.
73) Get a spontaneous pedicure.
74) Choose a small business over a big one, 5 times.
75) Try lobster.
76) Find myself with absolutely nothing to do.
77) Take a cheesy "look-I'm-pinching-the-sun" photo.
78) Complete a year in review for each year. [2011] [2012] [2013
79) Complete a 365 Photo Project.
80) Do an anniversary shoot for my parents.
81) Do a family shoot with the Woodburn 5.
82) Meet one of my penpals from the US for a weekend.
83) Give a toast.
84) Give a gift for no reason.
85) Leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere.
86) Have a classy wine and cheese party.
87) Organize recipes into a recipe book.
88) Bake a perfect pound cake.
89) Cook a vegetarian chili from scratch.
90) Make a chicken pot pie from scratch.
91) Make Nana-K's coffee cake recipe again.
92) Go to a cottage with friends.
93) Go on a real picnic.
94) Go unplugged for an entire day.
95) Win something.
96) Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
97) Catch a ride on the back of a motorcycle. (Beans won't like this one)
98) Ride in a hot air balloon.
99) Pack a lunch for Beans, on a consistent basis.
101) Keep a consistent journal.


  1. ok i want to do this!

  2. nice list! I made one at one point but only got up to 40-something...I should revisit it and get working on them ;)


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