travel photos from a weekend in maine

If I had to describe my trip to Maine in one word, it would be a whirlwind.

I arrived on Saturday morning after a seamless flight and an easy time picking up my rental car, which was followed by sheer terror while trying to learn to drive the fancy space-car, and hit the road...

I stopped all along highway 209, popping in and out of streets to look at the beautiful New England homes, boats, and a ton of different parts of the coast.

Laura & Lee chose The Sebasco Harbor Resort for their destination wedding (half of the crowd was coming from Boston area, and the other half from Kenya!), but apparently it was an easy choice. 

Laura told me a few stories of the many trips her family took to Sebasco when she was younger -- leaving the dining room early to play on the gigantic ring toss of course! -- and her parents even honeymooned in this very spot!

I fell in love with the main lodge where I stayed, from the rocking chairs on the porch to the obscure book collection. Everything moves a little bit slower here. 

With a brand new pair of rain boots, I headed out with my camera to take a few photos before settling in for the night. Talk about a perfect day to shoot...this cloudy, foggy, rainy weather by the water makes me so happy :) 

Shortly after, I met Laura & Lee (and both Laura and I literally squealed when we first saw each other, and held out our hands to see if it was real!). There are no words to describe meeting a friend of over 4 years for the first time...

ANDDD, it means another thing crossed off my list :)

#82: meet one of my pen pals from the US for a weekend

If you don't know the story between Laura & I, here's the reader's digest version...
I wanted to become a wedding photographer.
She wanted to pursue a career in art and design, and all that goodness.
I needed a logo.
She needed her first client.
Although we had never met, we became friends and watched 
our businesses flourish, supporting each other during every step.

Here's a little peek at their engagement session that we did that afternoon...

I had the most wonderful time, and I honestly just feel so lucky that my job takes me to such beautiful places; places I probably would never have seen. 

These next few photos were taken on the morning of Laura & Lee's wedding day...

And I'll leave you with these photos of Laura working on the ceremony set up that morning...some behind the scenes goodness for a wedding that will seriously take your breath away.

P.S...thank goodness for instagram, for allowing me to document little moments here and there, while giving my arms a quick break from supporting my camera!

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  1. I adore your travelling pictures :) your instagram has been so fun lately too!!!! glad you had fun!


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