let's build a booth | ottawa wedding show

It started out as an idea...

What if I could do something different? Forget the concrete floors and the black curtains and build something completely my own? Something completely LKP...

It was a combination of doodles, diagrams, long chats over dinner, and of course, some ham and cheese sandwiches for my manly workmen. 

Beans spent every waking minute helping me build the walls of my booth, and he probably has no idea how grateful I am for it. Same goes for our families...they offered their support throughout the entire process, and we couldn't have done it without at least 10 pairs of hands ♥

But no booth building exists without a little bit of an inspiration board...

Well, enough of that...time to see how it all went down:

Alright here's the BEFORE! (and my feet, standing very proudly near my half-done laminate flooring!)

Floor done, time to get on with the real work!

C'mon Booth 320, make Mama proud ♥

Here's my spot in comparison to the main attraction (AKA the dresses and the fashion show haha!) I think I snagged myself some pretty killer real estate here.

Beans with my wonderful inlaws making stuff happen while I take the photos...

TA DA! I couldn't be happier with the booth, especially for my VERY FIRST TRADE SHOW EVER! I think I made a bit of a splash by doing something different, but hey...you do what you gotta do to stand out!

Chrystal's Baked Goodies supplied my booth with these un-freakin-believably cute cookies, or should I say...mini masterpieces, to look exactly like my logo. Love. Love. Love. Thanks Chrystal ♥

Day One {in review}

I am sitting down at my computer and it feels like heaven. Normally my butt starts to hurt from sitting at my computer too much in one day, but today it's the exact opposite. My feet are remembering what it was like to work at Things Engraved in St. Laurent Center (one of those booths in the mall who don't supply chairs so you have no option to sit).

I feel like I have talked myself into a bit of a headache today. I'm almost tired of my own voice. Imagine that...?

The day was phenomenal. It was a little bit dicey at 9am when my lights weren't installed, the tables were still upside down getting screwed into, and all of my promo material was still tucked away in a cardboard box, but something magical happened at around 10am and everything started coming together.

I spent the afternoon discussing my style, my esthetic, my method and approach to photographing weddings (and answering lots of questions about album design and omg-how-do-I-make-a-photobooth?!). I met so many wonderful couples, and I am giddy at the thought that I might be photographing some of those weddings.

I'm the luckiest gal on the block :)

In a nutshell, Booth 320 rocked my world today, and although I'm completely beat and probably won't move from the couch until Ryan peels me off and carries me to bed, I am pumped to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.



  1. Very, Very, Very impressive Laura! I love how you have found your style. You should be very proud! Nice work too Ryan! I can't help but comment on the large Isagenix box that you had. Hopefully it is full of 'Want More Energy' to get you through day two! Good luck!

  2. I'm so glad I got to visit! It was great, and your booth was probably one of the best, because so much work had been put into it- and it was very unique! :D
    Great that you had fun, and good luck in hopes it helps bring in more clientelle!

  3. Love, love, love. Will you please move to Phoenix? ;)

  4. I found your booth post on pinterest. I am looking for booth ideas and love how it feels like I'm in your living room/studio. Would you share how you made your wall?

    1. hey! that's all thanks to my husband using materials from home depot with a wooden frame. I did the white trim on the front and we held them up using sand bags :)

  5. I would love information on how your built your wall. We are a ballroom dance studio and looking to so something similar for our bridal booth. Thanks!


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