About Me

I'm Laura, and I have the ultimate joy of photographing weddings for a living. 

For me it started out as a hobby while I worked in a law office, planning my own wedding and shielding my computer screen from my boss. I decided then and there that I could do this better. I could make this whole choosing-a-photographer thing EASIER. I could give clients they deserve, before, during, and after their wedding. 

While I'm not fluffing wedding dresses and posing beautiful people, I hang out with my little ones and my husband in our home in the Glebe. I can't say no to drive-thru iced mochas, anything white, blush, or gold from Home Sense, and fancy nights out with my group of girlfriends. My relationship with my husband fuels my fire for this business; not only for beautiful weddings, but beautiful MARRIAGES. 

Just a few of my favourite things... 

I have been using this blog for over 9 years. I hope you'll stay awhile and take a look at some previous weddings and engagements, read some personal posts, and find inspiration!

A few posts I'd really love for you to read:

And lastly, 

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