Tuesday, December 11, 2012

our wedding day...

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I feel lucky.

For many reasons, but at this very moment I feel lucky to have ventured out from my boring office job to the bright and sunshiny world of wedding photography.

Not only because I get to spend my Saturdays with people I care about (and share in all their happiness), but because I had the opportunity to become familiar with the concept of a wedding day.

To have a chance to witness, firsthand, the joys of a wedding day and learn a ton about it...is a real gift. I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to planning my own wedding day... I knew exactly how much time I needed for each part of the morning preparations. I knew what it was about the wedding day that I treasured most. And I was able to use everything I knew to put together a day that, to me...was nothing short of perfect.

To be able to say without hesitation that the day I married Mr. Ryan Kelly was the single happiest day of my life...like I said, I feel lucky.

Surrounded by friends and family, on November 20th, 2012, a gorgeous day in Punta Cana, we said "I do." And it is with great delight that I share these precious images from our UNBELIEVABLE wedding photographer (and lifelong friend), Lauren Wakefield...

I save corks from special occasions, like birthdays, NYE, anniversaries, etc. And to represent the 6 years we spent together before tying the knot, I brought 6 corks from miscellaneous special occasions over the years :)

I love this photo :)

Lol...perfuming under my dress. It's just so "us."

Beans' wedding gift for me...a lock and two keys, to be thrown over the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. I died.

#76: find myself with nothing to do

The morning of the wedding was SO relaxed in terms of timeline, so I literally found myself fully dressed, makeup'd, bejewelled, with about 30 minutes to spare before walking down the aisle.

And also...how perfect is that headline lol?

One of the highlights of my entire life...walking down the aisle with my father.

We said personalized vows to each other (which made us both laugh because it was the first time we heard them):


I promise to love, cherish, and appreciate all 
that you do for us and our family. 

I promise to protect you from pain, stress, and being sad. 

I promise to change the flat tires, empty out the garbage, 
and do all of the other miscellaneous "blue activities."

I promise to protect you from birds, 
because I know how much you hate them.

I promise to be your nook when you're sleepy. To be your alarm clock in the mornings (but I reserve the right to use Weezy to help...)

I promise that even when it's cold, and I am freshly tucked into bed at midnight, I will always go out to get your puffer from the car when you decide you need it. 

I promise to be your Beans, always.

I love you.


I promise never to call you Ryan, 
unless I'm really really mad at you.

I promise to keep your belly filled 
with baked goodies (with no raisins).

I promise to watch the weird movies that I love so much, 
when I'm alone.

I promise to butter your toast...because you're really really bad at it.

I promise to drive you to work as often as I can, 
because I know how much you hate the bus.

I promise to take care of you when you're sick, with the hope that one day I'll be able to take care of you the way you do of me when I'm sick.

I promise to be the best mother 
I can be to our family.

I promise to be kind to you, respect you, 
and love you...all the days of my life. 

I love you.

And wouldn't this be the perfect time to confirm the completion of #1 on my list of 101 in 1001? I thought so :)

#1: get married

Just casually playing volleyball with randoms. 

Besties...forever and always. 

OMG these dashing gentlemen...

The "beans face" made an appearance. Just once. I am proud.

#83: give a toast

Not only did I give a toast...but I gave a toast and cried pretty much the whole way through lol. Just kidding, I think I managed alright.

And like I tell my clients, who doesn't like a teary Bride?!

 Love :)

I can't even express how much I learned about being a wedding photographer by actually spending a day as a bride. If I didn't know my job was important before, I certainly have a sense of that now. 

Our wedding day is over, my dress is hanging up in my closet (completely FILTHY I might add, lol), and things like my table decor and my handmade bouquets are probably still floating around in Punta Cana somewhere...but what remains is this collection of images that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Moments that I didn't know where happening...expressions I didn't see from my family members during our wedding toasts...it means more to me than I would have ever expected. What an absolutely amazing opportunity I have in this life to do the same thing for my clients, you know? It really is a gift, and amongst all the photography competitions and our efforts to get our work seen and published and noticed...sometimes it can be easy to forget the real reason we do what we do.

And as I sit here an officially married lady, in a life that makes me smile ear to ear...how could I feel anything but lucky?