we're having a baby!!!

How do you even start a blog post to announce a pregnancy...?!

I swear, I've been staring at this blank screen for 20 minutes thinking of how to write it! Do I just come out and say...



No, that's too bold and devoid of real emotions... Maybe I should write about how I've been thinking about this moment for close to a year. About how we so desperately wanted to have a baby and now we're just overjoyed at the thought of our dreams coming true...

Over this past year I've been blogging about trying to get pregnant (here, here, and here) and then around the middle of July, I wrote about how the new plan was all about NOT trying anymore. 

Well...as crazy and cliche as this will sound...I literally got pregnant three days after that post. 


And today's the day I get to shout it from the rooftops! I'm 3 MONTHS PREGNANT and this is actually happening!

I figured since I was so upfront about trying to get pregnant that I would announce it right away on my blog when I took that positive pregnancy test...but something happened that day: I became a bit of a worrier. 

Just like the stories of my pregnant friends, I was so nervous about sharing the news online until that 12 week ultrasound where we had proof that everything was okay. It really didn't feel "real" until we saw the baby on that screen...

But now I'm officially free to share the news all around! We're having a baby!!!

I'm due on April 16th, which is just the most wonderful and timely due date (we can already tell the baby is very thoughtful about coming into the world with enough time for Mom to recover before wedding season...).

But the thing about April 16th is...THAT'S ONLY SIX MONTHS AWAY!!! Holy geez!

We're the most excited parents-to-be, we really are, and these last 3 months have just been an absolute joy. Since we WILL be finding out the sex of the baby (but not for another 2ish months), we haven't made any baby purchases as of yet, but we are crazy excited to start doing so before Christmas.

One thing I didn't really expect was how much I'd feel the need to WRITE about my experiences in early pregnancy on the blog! But since I couldn't really share until my 12 week you're-good-to-go-appointment, I've started writing a little personal blog for the Kelly Family...

It all started with this blog post...which I wrote on the very day I found out I was pregnant...!! 

Looking back, I'm incredibly glad that I have this post, because there's no way I'd be able to go back in time and tell you exactly how I was feeling. I've had 2 and a half months to get used to the idea that there's something happening inside me...and reading this just takes me right back to that day sitting on the edge of the bathtub. 

I've decided to continue writing on our little family blog, so that my regular blog doesn't get inundated with pregnancy updates (and, more realistically, photos of the baby once he or she makes an appearance!). Of course though, I'll still share some things in both places :)

For all of you who have sent Facebook messages, emails, or texts with encouraging messages during our time where we so badly wanted to see a positive pregnancy test, thank you SO much...it means the world to me!

Oh my goodness, it feels so good to be able to hit PUBLISH on this post today! Everyone can know!



  1. Ahhhh!!!! How exciting! A HUGE congratulations to the two of you! So happy for you! :)

  2. Yippee!!! So happy for you Lady!

  3. Congratulations!!! Are you going to tell us the sex of the baby once you find out??? So happy for you two!

    - Meredith @ morethanyesterday.ca

  4. I had to go back and read this again...I'm all teary eyed! I'm SOOO happy for you!!! Seriously, you're going to be SUCH an amazing mother. :) Congratulations dear!!


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