Friday, December 21, 2018

behind the scenes of the 2018 wedding season!

There are many hands that go into creating the beauty that's captured in a photo, from the wedding planner who styled the table setting, to the invitation designer who hand sketched the reception venue. 

This post is a celebration of those behind the scenes moments that were captured just a few seconds before that photo you love...

Kicking things off with this shot of Stacey lighting candles in the tent at Meghan and Shaun's Cumberland Museum wedding. She knows how important these little details are!

And speaking of shots you love...'s a glimpse into how this beauty from Kristen & Nathan's cottage engagement session was made. Someone's gotta drive the boat and it can't be me! 

Kristen's brother Derek was a pivotal member of this shoot, so much so that we let him in on the bottle of champagne. 

Spotted with two wine glasses and a look of judgement from an onlooker. Can't blame the dude though, that's my husband grabbing me a glass of white during cocktail hour at our friends Britt and Zach's wedding this past June. 

Oh, and can't forget Brittany Lee, my second shooter for the afternoon, switching lenses to capture even more mingling!

Ever wondered who gave me this gorgeous (& tall...) pour for the photo? You can see his name faintly on the place setting and the reflection of his shirt in the bottle too ;)

I like to make Melissa from Makin'It Lovely laugh while she does her work. We're two peas in a pod and LOVE working together!

Two redheads in one photo? Sarah and her very talented wedding planner, Shannon Kennedy, soaking up the gorgeous room at Mill Street before the guests were allowed in:

Fun fact: Katherine was wearing a red ponytail, but it took away from this behind the scenes shot sooooo I made an executive decision. Now you know. 

I was super fascinated with Bridget's use of film as a videographer. It was a totally new experience working with her at Michelle & Mike's wedding! We got along so well <3 

My girl Christine from LaFabère with some last minute sketching before our shoot began:

Power bosses wear black apparently. Elise from TOAST Events and I worked so hard on this wedding and it paid off times a milly. 

A rare shot of video happening in the background. This was a light testing shot before deciding to grab some photos of the girls popping champagne. 

Speaking of video guys, they usually come in pairs! 

"Hey Jess, can you climb this rock and tell me, if you were a bride, is it too steep?"

You would think DJ David Deez was being extra for this photo, but in fact, he's this fun always. 

Holding bouquets and cheering for the newly married Michelle & Patrick, that's Brittany of Frid Events!

Ever wondered how neutral and airy backgrounds are found in a cabin?

So by now you know the story of Brittany's heirloom crown that was worn by two previous generous. Well, what you don't know is what happened just after this photo was taken... 

Tiny children at a nearby park thought Brittany was a REAL princess, and started gathering for a photo with her! She even let the little ones wear the crown for their photo.

Spotted on the dancefloor, Annie from Madison and Ella -- Kevin & Anna's wedding coordinator! 

Sarah Walsh made this crown for a styled shoot with myself and TOAST Events, and I'm 99% sure Elise has contemplated buying it for herself... 

A bit of Hollywood romance in this black and white shot of Kristen & Nathan, where Laura Fenny can be spotted shooting video in the background:

This was an... "after hours" shot. My husband (second from the right) was a groomsmen in our friend Kevin's wedding. I designed these hats on Etsy for Ry to bring along to the bachelor party for Kev, and somehow they surfaced around 1am on the dancefloor.  

Something that I never really realized before now, I am blessed to meet the most amazing clients, but also their team of trusted talent. Being around them makes me more creative and inspired to be better in every facet of the operation. 

Even if you didn't appear in this post, if we worked together in 2018 I am so grateful for your hard work!! xo

On that note, part FIVE of the year in review series brings us right up to the holidays! I'll be taking a little break and coming back to you post-Christmas with the last three instalments of the series. 

I hope you find some time to make some 
extra special memories this year! 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

babies + pets of 2018 | a post you didn't know you needed in your life

This post might not be inspiration city like part two or part three of the year in review series...but unless you're a cold hearted Grinch it's sure to brighten your day in some small way. 

See, all I have to do is say "Grinch" and I start rhyming...

This post is a roundup of cameos made by babies and pets, some more friendly than others, and occasionally lookin' like they came straight out of a Vogue spread:

Oh hi, am I in your way while I shoot your owner's wedding details? My bad.

Most kiddos like to scurry out of their family photos, and the chasing-babies-in-suits photos will always make the final cut. 

This guest requested a solo shot -- not the owner, but the little guy. 

Pretty sure that's mid-sneeze...

Brutus wearing a bow tie and a huge smile with his Dad right before the wedding.

And acting as emotional support during all the finishing touches... (Secretly thinking, Dad...where's Mom.)

I think this crew gets the award for most kiddos in a wedding party! They might be tied with a few others, but I can't say dress shorts made more than a few appearances:

Oh, did you think when I said "pets" I meant only dogs and cats? Because you would be wrong. This year included an engagement session for a couple and their rat babies. 

When I say I've seen it all, I really have. 

The fact that this photo ended up in Kelsey's wedding album says something about their fondness for one another:

Who says a pup can't be a "wedding detail..."

Not their babies, but they might as well be! Kristen and Nathan are absolutely OBSESSED with these adorable twins. Fun fact: they just appeared in their first movie. They're basically famous now. 

(But they've always arrived in style, so not much has changed.)

Pups were EVERYWHERE at Amanda & Dave's wedding, but when it came to the dinner, a tribute was placed behind every menu explaining that in lieu of favours, donations would be made to the Ottawa Humane Society. 

This guy stole the show at Larissa & Marc's backyard wedding. He ran circles around the ceremony guests and chewed away that the biggest sticks you've ever seen. 

Aaaaaand photobombed the first kiss with one of his treasures. They wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

Don't be fooled by this fluffer, I was told not to get too close or I'd get my finger bitten off! Still though, Sarah made time for a quick shot before slipping into her dress. 

Every parent understands the desire to place their child on a lone chair with an iPhone during a wedding. He looks to be handling the situation well. 

I think this little guy's parents would totally approve:

Something has happened here, but I'm not entirely sure how to explain it. 

Loving this engagement "family photo!"

Props for having a photogenic pup, guys!

This set of two photos is probably my greatest accomplishment as a photographer. Enjoy. 

And right before the exchange of rings, the DJ cued up "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" and these "ring bearers" came to save the day. This is a true story. 

Proper, poised family photos with bow ties. Maeghan, this better be framed somewhere in your house!

Don't mess with the little guy.

Ummm, this dress looks comfy. 

This adorable little flower girl was NOT GOING! She didn't want to hold her brother's hand, but was quickly convinced when her Uncle Mikey at the front waved her over. 

Oh hello. 

Is that a threat?

Welllll, that was a first. Babies, kids, disastrous expressions, rat babies, rabbits, cats, pups, and everything in between. Depending on what kinds of crazy things happen in 2019, this post might become a regular. 


AND NEXT UP: Behind the Scenes of 2018's Magic!