happy {belated} new years!

In December, Ryan and I talked about hosting New Years Eve. Only problem: almost everyone we wanted to invite was writing the CKE on January 4th. Cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me. 

Ryan came up with a brilliant plan...a totally revolutionary idea: postpone New Years.

We really wanted to make it "feel" like we were actually celebrating with the rest of the world. I was slightly skeptical...I mean, how can it feel like New Years Eve on January 7th...? But after a trip to Party Packagers for some 70% off party stuff, I started to feel like it might all come together!

As usual, I baked some cookies for the occasion :)

And I set up a makeshift photobooth, New Year Eve style! 

Check out the slideshow to see ALL the craziness:

Best New Years...ever ♥
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