I'm in it.


No Lightroom, no BlogStomp, no ANYTHING I use to function as a photographer, ever since the night of the tragic hard drive crash...

I have done so many adorable shoots since then, and I seriously cannot wait to post, but alas...I must wait. The computer is in the computer hospital, and I'm desperately searching for my Lightroom DVD (it's GOTTA be somewhere...!)

{This is where I would show you preview images of the cute shoots
to come, and since I can't do that, I am forced to describe them.
Somehow I think it will not have the affect I hope for...}

So there's this super cute one of a little redhead boy named Chace, and then this super steamy engagement session around Parliament Hill, ooh ooh and then a too-fab-for-words billboards-&-beer themed family session.

C'mon people, use your imaginations :)

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