Friday, October 28, 2011

pb: a new measure of time

I love being in the car with Ryan, whether we're listening Chromeo, Biggie, Timba, or even some Sophie B. Hawkins (you know 'As I Lay Me Down' has a killer beat...).

But sometimes, if it's a slow song or a particularly long traffic-filled drive in to work, I'll turn to him and ask a bizarre question or two. 

"How do you see time?"

He looked at me with squinty eyes, meaning, "what?"

"Like...if you were to think of years, in your head,
or a block of time between weeks and months...
what would it look like?"

He told me that time looked like one long horizontal stick, almost like a ruler. He also told me he rarely thinks about it. I sat and thought about what time looked like in my head, so that when he asked, I had an answer for him.

I decided that in my head, time looks like a series of vertical sticks, and when it gets to the bottom (December 31st), it overflows upwards into the new year (the top of the next one). In case you care, I made a little diagram. And then decided that no one would care, so I got rid of said diagram.

So that's the skinny on how R-Kelly & Mrs. R-Kelly-to-be see time. That is, until the morning we stood in the kitchen and realized that we finished the very first jar of peanut butter we bought since moving in.

It still seems like just yesterday we were unloading the truck with a group of friends and family, sitting down in the bare living room, BBQing burgers and eating them on paper plates.

So for a moment that morning, we saw time passing by way of an empty peanut butter jar, and now we know precisely how long it takes the two of us to make our way to the bottom, and start at the top of the new one.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

danielle + jeff | loch march engagement

There are a couple things that make a shoot easy...

1. Perfect weather
2. A nice location
3. Fun subjects

All three of those things were completely redefined after my shoot with Danielle and Jeff at Loch March Golf & Country Club last night. Although some would say it was a chilly, cloudy night last night, I thought the cloudy skies were absolute perfection. Clouds really are a photographer's dream.

Next up: a nice location. Loch March was a stunning location to work with...the pathways were perfectly dusted with leaves, beautiful wrought iron gates, black street lamps, and quaint stone walls and pillars.

Finally: fun subjects. Danielle and Jeff were an absolute blast to photograph. Most of the time Jeff would ask her, "what are you laughing at?" and she would just laugh more. Does it get any easier?

I'm also a sucker for mittens, so Danielle had already won me over when she stepped out of her Jeep. Get ready to see a LOT of photos of these two because I had a seriously difficult time narrowing it down. Hopefully you'll see why!).

I think this one is so sweet...

Danielle, you're drop dead gorgeous!

That last photo sums it up perfectly, with Danielle laughing hysterically in the background.

One of my faves from the day:

Piggy-back time? OKAY!

That would be the smile of a girl who is pumped that he put a ring on it ;)

My absolute favourite...

This is where the shoot started getting so cute I couldn't handle it.

Who's a model? Oh right.

If you couldn't already tell...I absolutely adore these two ♥

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

jess + chris | byward market engagement

When I pulled in, I thought...what are all these people doing? I guess it had been awhile since I'd seen the Sunday morning Starbucks crowd.

The tables were full of laptops, and the chatter of friends catching up was enough to fill the room. I worried that I wouldn't be able to get a chance to find out everything I wanted to know about Jess & Chris. Little did I know I was about to spend an hour talking about every itty bitty detail, and making two new friends.

We started chatting at the bar while waiting for our drinks, and I quickly figured out that these two are a pair if I've ever seen one, despite the list of differences they enthusiastically declared while we sipped our coffees.

Jess is your typical (okay...she's really not at all typical) rock'n'roll, hollywood glam, artsy chick, cabinet maker by day, burlesque dancer by night. Seriously. the opposite. However you want to interpret that, you're probably right.

I told them I thought they were a sweet couple, and with a wink, Chris turned to Jess and said: "It's probably not going to last."

Jess laughed and told me how she always imagined meeting the man she would marry in some perfect, hollywood, fairy-tale kinda way. 

"It wasn't a movie-moment when I met Chris,
but I really do love him, more than I thought was possible."

I was already hooked on these two.

On Friday night, we ventured over to the Byward Market for some rainy day engagement shots. The joyous sounds of Chris saying, "I hate pictures," rang through the heavy air with a feeling of romance in its purest form. Chris, that whole entire sentence was dedicated to you, I hope you enjoyed it.

This would be Chris making fun of traditional "coupley" poses that he hates. And now he has some of his own.

Remember I said Jess is crafty? Well just in case you wanted proof, here are some of the flowers she made for the wedding. Not sure what she's planning on doing with them, but I'm excited to see.

Candy shopping at Sugar Mountain (couldn't pass up posting this pic of Jess' surprised face. Hopefully she doesn't kill me for it!)

Sugar high, anyone?

More cheesy poses haha. Somewhere Chris is seeing this and CRINGING.

A rock'n'roll engagement shoot wouldn't be complete without a trip down the street to Vertigo Records...

I started to realize that Jess was a true music lover, when she started naming albums and describing the album art with just the name of the artist. I was impressed, but obviously I have no business in a record store.  

How do I know I work with the coolest brides in town? When moments like this happen...

Back on a rooftop in the Byward Market, we took a few fun shots while the sun set...

A little Leafs lovin over here!

Alright...I have the coolest job ever. Officially.

You'll be seeing more of these two next June! ♥