the ultimate relief... (& two wedding sneak peeks!)

During my time in the Dominican Republic, I stayed at 3 different resorts, met over a hundred new people, learned approximately 55 new Spanish words, and risked my least 4 times (more on that last part later...). 

But the ultimate relief is opening my suitcases to see all of my carefully packed camera gear IN TACT, and finally getting to upload the 6k+ wedding photos to my home computer. 

And now that it's official...I'm ready to declare #29 COMPLETE!

#29: shoot a destination wedding

check!! {times two}

stephanie + richard

joelle + mark

Oh, and I simply must mention the work of my AMAZING husband Beans, who kept you all entertained during my absence with Beans Week! Having a guest blogger was something I needed to check off on my list of 101, and who better than my husband to hijack my blog...

#18: have a guest week on the blog

When I finally checked into some lobby wifi on Friday night, I was practically in tears laughing while reading what he had to say. Man, I love this guy so much. I also love that the internet has some insight into the behind the scenes of my life now :) 

Anyway, I have some SERIOUS editing to do...and as crazy as this is...a wedding to prepare for on Saturday!


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