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We're in that weird week between Christmas and New Years, which is made double-strange with the fact that it's a full lockdown here in Ottawa! All the more reason to dust off a few of my favourite photos from 2020, this time for the couples. 

In this post you'll see a collection of my favourite shots from engagements, couples portraits, and anniversaries! 

I cannot WAIT to get back into the swing of photo taking in the new year... 

I still don't have words for this magical lake engagement session with Kayla & Henchey! You'll see lots of them in this post.

First anniversary with champagne at sunset? Keep scrolling to see my fave shot of the champagne bottle pop!

Fave ring shot from the year:

Claire & Mark's cottage engagement was incredible! Click here to relive the magic.

Jenna & Brett's engagement featured a gorgeous sunset, the coolest greenhouse in town, and their adorable little pup!


I mean... 

2020 was an interesting year... but we still found ways to capture the most heartfelt smiles and laughs and for that I'm crazy grateful. 

Spoiler alert, later this week I'll be sharing my favourite wedding photos from the year, although they were limited, and you'll be seeing LOTS of Laura & Steve who went ahead with a dreamy (& socially-distanced) wedding in August.

To all the couples who celebrated this year with photos, I am so grateful!

NEXT UP: Favourite wedding photos from the year!
(Yes, we still had weddings in 2020!)

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