is this real life?

On November 24th when I quit my job, someone asked me if I was excited. I think I said, ask me on December 19th.

December 19th was my first day "off." I am pleased that no one asked me if I was excited on that day because unfortunately, I was sick. Super, duper, sick. I spent the day lying in bed, watching truly awful tv, eating Halls and drinking NeoCitran, and planning out my day in order to ensure there were as few trips up and down the stairs as possible.

Next thing I knew, it was Christmas. Travelling, last minute gift shopping, wrapping, general house tidying, mucho grocery buying, you get the idea.

All the while, Ryan was upstairs in the den, studying away for his first of three CA exams. Which, by the way, he wrote yesterday...WOO! I snapped this creepy photo from outside the exam room, only to realize later that he wasn't even in the photo. Oopsie!

With his exam overwith, he was back to work today and I have to was a little bizarre standing in the kitchen at 7:20am, thinking about how this is my first "real" of my new normal.

Now here's the sweet part...apparently my new normal consists of a whole bunch of productivity :) I worked out, cleaned my house, burned what seemed like 5 million client DVDs, reorganized my pots and pans drawer, hung out with a family of five for a tobagganing photoshoot, downloaded new music, and even read some of my book! (By the way, I decided to start with the Hunger hopes of getting it read in time for the movie!)

It's 5:19pm and Ryan will soon be on his way home, and I'm so excited to tell him all about my first day at home ♥


  1. Love the creepy CKE photo...Question is: Is Andrew sleeping or just concentrating reallllly hard? haha. Love your little blog stories by the way. Makes me want to do a photoshoot!

  2. Hahahaha love this comment. Pretty sure he was just hanging out...he didn't look too stressed to me!

  3. I thought I deserved a little massage for getting a question right! Rewarding yourself is the key to success...PS that girl to the left looks really stressed, poor girl!!


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