Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the calm after the storm

It's pretty amazing how quiet a house is when the power goes out. No hum from the fridge, no air conditioning, nothing at all. Ryan and I took a minute to enjoy the quiet last night and have a snack while we watched the rain.

An hour later, the sun came out against a black sky, and I took a peek outside to see the calm after the storm.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

amber + alex | couple shoot

From the moment I got in the car with Amber and Alex, I knew it would be a fun shoot. Although we planned on going to the waterfalls near Hogs Back, we drove by a bridge on the opposite side of the river, and decided to go on an adventure to find it.

Although Amber and I kept thinking there was no way we were in the right place, Alex re-assured us that he knew exactly where we were going. And so we followed.

Fishing gear in hand, we starting walking through the Arboretum (where Amber swore she recognized the trees from her last visit...and Alex and I found this particularly amusing).

Sometimes it can be hard to get a couple to act themselves in front of a camera, but these two had no problem with that. They lovingly picked on each other during the entire shoot (which made for a large selection of photos of Amber laughing and Alex smirking).

Can't wait to follow these two around during all of their future milestones!

coffee time with danya

Bridgehead & coffee & cameras on a rainy Sunday afternoon ♥

Oh Danya, what can I're pretty.

PS. I really like that the stock-photo-looking-phone-call shots weren't staged.

Monday, June 27, 2011

the cupcake lounge

Walking to the Cupcake Lounge on the way to this shoot, I wondered what I would find when I got there. I was sure it would be a very cute place, but nothing could have prepared me for how...perfect it was.

I met the owner, Claudia (who I'm pretty sure didn't stop smiling at all during the time I spent on location!) and I was instantly invited to come behind the counter and take a look. Claudia didn't need to do much explaining, the cupcakes spoke for themselves.

In a nutshell, I loved it. And perhaps the best part, a single red velvet cupcake all wrapped up to take with me when I left.

Seriously...if you haven't tried one, go now. Go right now.

For more information about the Cupcake Lounge, visit: