Tuesday, June 25, 2013

another three things (& it's beans' birthday!!!)

It's Beans' birthday today :)

Because he's turning 24, here are 24 things I love about him that you might not already know:

he gives a great foot massage
he makes the best omelettes
he turned me into a nice person, compared to the evil one I was during high school
he always insists on carrying all of my things
he knows all the words to Rappers Delight
he is the best puppy daddy
he is the first one to get naked at every applicable party
his entire mood can change with a little bit of homemade baking
he always drives
he is afraid of his hairstylist
he will drop everything at any moment to help out a friend
he has expensive taste in clothes
he lets me watch Big Brother in his presence
he can't focus on anything else if Friends is on
his biggest wish is just to have children who love him
he has the most eclectic music taste. from country to rap to 80s hits
he lets me sleep in
he hides dirty tupperwares from me until he has time to clean them
his parents are his friends
he holds my lenses while I shoot (see above photo)
his beans face. enough said
he works incredibly hard, and looks for very little recognition while he does it
he loves me (okay, we knew that one.)
he is my biggest fan, and I'm his

Happy birthday my love!

I'm going to Toronto for an MTV adventure!

Spontaneous travel is on my list of things that fire me up. So today when my friend Steph told me she was up for a trip to see the 1GIRL5GAYS live show, I was 100% ready to go. I'm expecting that many of you won't be familiar with this show, but it's really funny and it's the final opportunity to see the original cast live before 1G5G switches up their format. 

I leave tomorrow and will be lining up at the Masonic Temple to get my tickets super early on Thursday, and then the show goes live at 8:30pm. I've never been to a live taping so this is exciting for so many reasons!

Also, I'm planning to finish this month's book club read (Me Before You by Jojo Moyes) on the bus :)

Another sneak peek of a beautiful couple...I just couldn't help it :) Congratulations Brittany and Brent!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

people who inspired me

I'm craving something different today.

So instead of posting something about a recent session, or a story about my husband and puppy, I think I'll showcase a few people who inspire me on a daily basis. 

To be better. 
To live better. 
To work harder. 

I met Kylie while attending MTH in North Carolina this past March. We became friends instantly and I have so many wonderful memories of our short time together (sharing three cabs driven by this crazy rad lady named Deb, and my first southern meal of biscuits and dumplings!).

On day one when I asked Kylie what she did, she said, 

"I'm thinking about starting a vintage rentals company."

And you better believe a huge smile came across my face when someone asked her that same question on day three and I heard her answer, 

"I am starting a vintage rentals company!"

Since that day she has made leaps and bounds and inspires me DAILY with updates on new pieces in her collection, new styled shoots in her portfolio, and honest blog posts about making her dreams come true. Check this girl out, you'll just love her. 

PLUS, she has the most amazing instagram...


I heard about Rhiannon Nicole through the grapevine, but only really dove into her site when I stumbled across her instagram account

I have yet to meet this lovely lady, but she's working on some stuff with Kylie and I'm so excited to see what comes of it!

And because sometimes when you put your dreams out there, they come true...I'm going to admit that my next ambition is to collaborate with Hey Gorgeous Events!

Her instagram is bursting with gorgeous photos of floral arrangements, amazing outfits, and fun sneak peeks into her current projects. I am OBSESSED. 

My next inspiration comes from Emily Ley. She designs beautiful products and dedicates her business to helping her clients do more of the stuff that matters. 

I adore her, and after seeing her speak at MTH, I fell in love with her shop. 

I really need one of these prints for the office...

My sweet friend Hilary has crafted a beautiful space on the internet for her blog, fittingly called be sweet

I love her style, her writing, and her general outlook on life. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least...this one's local!

You might remember The Sugar Post from those photos of the sneak peek opening that I blogged a little while back. 

Natalie is helping me out with a current project and I've been bursting with inspiration ever since I visited her shop and started looking at her pieces. 

I simply cannot wait to show off what we're working on!!

I love checking the new arrivals section of the website. Her craftiness and sense of style makes me so happy!

I am so excited that June 22nd is ALMOST HERE! My clients-turned-friends, Brittany and Brent, and are getting married tomorrow and it's going to be beautiful. 

Getting all jacked up on inspiration is part of my wedding prep process, and that's exactly how I feel after featuring some of the work by the ladies from this blog post. 

If you know someone who fills your inspiration tank, 
please share!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

kim + jeremy | a romantic downtown engagement

The people you're about to see are very near and dear to my heart...

Ryan and I are so lucky to be able to call Kim and Jeremy our friends, and because our men work so darn much, Kim and I have really bonded over the last year.

We have one of those friendships where we can talk for hours over a cup of tea, and never get bored of each other's company. And when Jeremy proposed this past Christmas morning, I secretly wished they would choose me to shoot their wedding!

It's a tricky thing, working with friends who become engaged, because choosing a wedding photographer is such a personal decision for a couple, and you have to be very careful not to overstep or impose on the process. 

That being said, I was absolutely DELIGHTED (and sincerely touched) when Kim and Jer asked me to photograph their wedding next Summer. And since that very day, Kimmy and I have been planning details for their engagement session!! 

I am madly in love with this collection... 

Sometimes Jeremy makes faces. It's part of his charm.

We couldn't possibly have an engagement session without including Kim & Jer's "baby," Drake. 

Look at that face...

I just love this moment. Kim, you're so insanely beautiful. 

Dear Owner of Pretty Peonies on King Edward Avenue: 

Sorry for stealing your flowers. 

Kim, Jeremy, and Laura

This light just makes me SO happy...

We finished up the session at Britannia Beach during sunset. If I'm being completely honest, it was the most beautiful sunset that's ever come out to play for an engagement session...

I could NOT stop shooting!

So I know I'm not supposed to talk about someone else's man... but I know Kim, and I don't think she's gonna beat me up. Plus, it needs to be said.

Looking good, Jer.

My absolute favourite...

From the bottom of my heart, I am so happy for our two friends who are about to become husband and wife...and these photos are just proof of their sweet, playful love that's just bursting with joy.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

chantal + rob | a book lovers' engagement

Chantal and Rob are just the sweetest. 

Their love is completely contagious, and it was a pleasure to photograph their engagement session at the old Munster Public Library last week. 

Two book lovers, who love each other...

Love these two...

After our time at the library, we ventured over to the beach for a few final photos by the setting sun.

I am so excited to be shooting Chantal and Rob's wedding in only a few short weeks :)

Can't wait!