Monday, January 23, 2017

danielle + mark | expecting!

News of the McKenna baby has been all over Facebook since last Fall. First, we saw an adorable little baby announcement with a onesie that said "Coming Soon in 2017!" Next we waited patiently for the owl themed "whooooo will it be?" gender reveal, which informed us that Danielle and Mark would be blessed with a darling little girl! 

But my favourite part, and this is entirely selfish, was when an email from Danielle popped up in my inbox, letting me know that wintery maternity photos were on her list of to-dos. I couldn't wait to see her again, even though it had only been a few months since she attended my workshop and was the maid of honour for Candace's wedding... 

At their wedding back in 2014, I remember Danielle promising to be an amazing wife and mother to their future family. To see that family becoming a reality is one of the best parts of this business. Weddings aren't just about beautiful centrepieces and fancy bouquets. They're the start of a lifelong marriage, the start of a family, and I feel lucky to witness it year after year. 

Danielle and Mark -- from the bottom of my heart, congratulations! Baby McKenna is one lucky lady. I cannot wait to meet her <3 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

albums are my love language

As a wedding gift, Ryan and I were given a book called The 5 Love Languages. It sat on my bookshelf for the first 3 years of our marriage before I finally picked it up and poured over its pages. If you and I have sat down over coffee in the last year, I've probably forced you to the take the online love language quiz. I can be a little obsessive, and for a good chunk of 2016 I was obsessed with passing on the messages written in this book. 

I could talk for hours on this subject, but I'll save you the lengthy post about Acts of Service and Words of Encouragement and simply leave you with these thoughts:
1. I think everyone should read this book. And if you can't, take the quiz and google a quick synopsis.   
2. Learning your love language is good not only for your relationship, but for your friendships as well. I can't tell you how much I've learned about my amazing girlfriends this year! 
I wasn't entirely shocked to learn that my love language is Receiving Gifts. It sounds superficial and silly, but the roots are much deeper than that. A person who loves to receive gifts is someone who likes to know they are being thought of. They like gifts they can hold on to and look at as reminders of the affection that's felt for them. And naturally, people who love to receive gifts also love to GIVE them. 

Learning this made me reflect on my 6 years as a wedding photographer. Since the very beginning I have loved any excuse to surprise my clients with a small token of appreciation, to send a little something in the mail, or to go above and beyond on a promise I made. And it makes me so excited to be sitting at the beginning of a new year, knowing that the majority of my couples have a wedding album included in their package. It's my favourite opportunity to CREATE and GIVE and send my clients off into their marriage with a physical reminder of their most perfect day. 

I'll be sharing photos of their albums as they are made throughout the year, but for now, a few beautiful books that went out just before the holidays... 

Jillian & Stuart's natural linen book is simple and beautiful, and shows off their bright, sunshiny portraits :)

Three different textures: one for the bride and groom, two for the parents. 

Michelle and Andy's book was GIANT! They simply could not get the collection down to 30 favourites, so they opted for the 100 photo upgrade. Boom. That book weighed almost 30 pounds!

Kelly & Adam; my sweet sweet friends. I was lucky enough to sit beside Kelly as she flipped through the pages of this album. Seeing her re-live the day was so great <3 

To my dearest clients who have trusted me as their wedding photographer -- thank you for yet another excuse to push myself creatively, to chase the business dreams that fire me up, and to give a gift that I hope you will treasure for years to come. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

nikki + steve | new years wedding at the orange art gallery

I've heard marriage likened to starting a new job. I've heard speeches about how marriage should sit strong on a foundation of friendship. The truth is, I've heard hundreds of beautiful wedding toasts with heartfelt messages and I've undoubtedly teared up at most of them. 

Steve's parents told stories from their son's childhood, from sports they played together, to family vacations they shared. Mr. Fitz used my favourite marriage metaphor to date. So much so, that I hoped to share it with you: 
"Both a trip and a marriage are full of wonderful things. Full of hopes and expectations realized, surprises good and challenging, and new ways of seeing and understanding. It's a great adventure for sure, marriage. 
And the answer to the question, "are we there yet?" is always no. We are never there. We are always here. And it's never "yet" yet. We wanted to wish you in your marriage and in everything you do: good luck, good health, and may all your dreams come true." 
Nikki and Steve -- thank you for inviting me into your amazing wedding day, and for being such dream clients from beginning to end. Meeting your people and sharing in your celebration was a delight. Enjoy this peek into your collection! And cheers to the trip that you began on December 30th...  

Across town at the Orange Art Gallery, Nikki & Steve's friends gathered for a cocktail and bite to eat before the ceremony. 

The most DELICIOUS spread by Epicuria

Congratulations, you guys! Couldn't be happier for you both <3 


Photo Location: The Museum of Nature
Catering: Epicuria
Florals: Blumenstudio
Hair: StudioB
Makeup: Jennifer Perunov
Wedding band: Megan Thorne from Magpie Jewellery
Engagement ring: Family Heirloom
Menswear: Indochino