Thursday, January 19, 2012

#71 fail miserably at something and consider it a learning experience

#71 fail miserably at something and
consider it a learning experience

Bad things don't tend to happen to me. I know it's major bad ju-ju to say that, but it's true.

When my car runs out of gas, I get rescued before I even have time to get my phone out and try to figure out who to call for help.

When I think I am going to miss my University exam because of a late bus, it ends up being postponed 30 minutes due to MIA exam proctors.

But low and behold (is that the right use for that expression?),
tonight something bad happened.

This beautiful screen popped up, and then disappeared, replaced very quickly with 30 error messages, followed by a sinfully black screen and some mysterious icons (AKA a super fun night in the Laura Kelly household!)

I backed everything up 2 weeks ago, but I've done 6 sessions since then, all of which I'm crossing my fingers and toes will be healed with data recovery services.

Miserable fail: 6 sessions in need of serious bandaids.

Lesson learned: back up EVERY session, EVERY day, without fail (it comes down to using the same special treatment for everyday sessions and weddings, basically).

Is it too soon to say that the Apple Gods are looking down
on me and laughing?