Thursday, March 31, 2016

melissa + tyler | expecting!

Today was just one of those days. I was late getting out the door, Cooper had a meltdown about leaving his blanket behind, I ran over the recycling as I hurriedly drove away, only to see the "30kms to Empty" message on the dashboard. How perfect for the 40km drive to barre class... 

Needless to say, it's going to take a STRONG cup of coffee to turn this day around. So to speed up the process, I've prepared a blog post that I am so excited to share <3 Seeing these beautiful people prepare for parenthood instantly reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. 

Let me introduce Melissa and Tyler; two fellow Merivale high school sweethearts. Melissa is a kind, beautiful, world-helping kind of girl, who found her perfect match in Tyler, the tall, dark, and handsome offensive lineman on the Toronto Argo's. Their little baby boy will be joining the world in June, already equipped with the lucky number 57.

It was my absolute honour to capture their maternity session, and I am so excited to share the photos today :) And since there are bound to be a bunch of Merivale alums reading this...hi friends! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

beginner photography workshop in ottawa

Hosting a workshop has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I thought it might be for professional photographers who were just starting out, with a focus on business, editing, and marketing to brides. And then a friend asked me if I would teach her how to use her camera. She was a blogger, a small business owner, a traveller, and a soon to be mom. 

And it hit me. Pretty much everyone in my network could fit into one of those categories. I seem to surround myself with ladies who are smart, outgoing, creative go-getters. I would create a workshop for them...  

I get asked all the time about what camera I would recommend for beautiful photos, and I've always answered the same way: 

Don't get a new camera, 
just learn to use the one you already have.

I wanted this workshop to be for beginners. It would start with a simple understanding of terms, not from a technical perspective, but from a practical one.

It has been close to a year since we moved into our home in Stittsville, and since then I've been dreaming of turning this room into a space where I could share some of my knowledge.

Ikea chairs & personalized notebooks...

In order to accommodate the moms in the room, I planned the workshop for 10:00am. Mimosas would naturally be served, along with mini muffins, fresh fruit, and coffee. 

A few minutes after the workshop started, my sweet friend Charlotte Northrope came by to take a few photos for me. I am so grateful to have this part of the day captured! Everything from this point on was taken by her <3

"Your camera has a hole and a door." Proof that my workshop literally starts with the basics...

The small group setting allowed me to spend some one-on-one time with each attendee.

The girls were encouraged to shoot throughout the whole morning. I was so happy to see them playing with different settings while I explained them :)

My favourite part of the day: shooting practise. We photographed these flowers in a few different ways, playing with our settings as a way to understand HOW the camera works. 

Shooting backlit! So proud of these girls.

I am officially counting down to workshop number two! 

Check out the workshop site if you're interested in signing up. They fill up fast, but I will try my best to find a seat for you and if there's enough demand, I'll add another date to the list <3

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

industrial geode inspiration shoot behind the scenes

In case you missed yesterday's industrial geode inspired shoot, let's catch you up here. It's always fun to share some behind the scenes photos after a big shoot, starting with Tanya from Presh Floral styling the invitation shot. I chose the spot on the floor, she chose the ribbons and the gems, and I lined up the paper goods in a way that would work well on camera. 

The entire table design came from Tanya. She had a vision of using plants instead of flowers and I was ready to capture anything she'd create. 

A big empty canvas to work with! 

I took this photo as a lighting test, but it's the one that feels most like the atmosphere of a styled shoot. It can be high energy at times, but most of the time it's pretty quiet and methodical. Each player is so focused on their contribution... 

Our model, Laura, and her sweet friend who accompanied her. 

And since it always starts with a board and a few's a behind the scenes look at the very early planning stages of the shoot:

And if you read yesterday's post and saw that thing about the cake going's a peek at that!

Lastly, I simply must share a screenshot of the ultimate goal in planning a styled shoot: a spectacular feature.