hey napoleon, gimme some of your tots.

Winter sucks, this we know.

There's an exception for the folks who enjoy freezing their butts off on the ski hill or the Rideau canal, but for the rest of us...yeah, it kinda sucks.

Problem is...I happen to LOVE outdoor sessions during the winter! There's just something so beautiful about snow covered trees in the background, or throwing a blanket down over fresh snow and cuddling up for pictures.

Sure it's chilly, but it's so completely worth it. My fingertips can handle it. My nose can handle it. My ears manage to get by as long as I have my hair down. But my toes? That's a different story. I'm not exactly sure why, but my feet are always freezing in my boots. Oh...maybe it's because I wear tennis socks and a pair of boots I bought in Florida. 

But thanks to Dr. Scholls, that's the past.

Because that's right ladies and gents, I sucked it up and bought a pair of REAL BOOTS. The ugly kind. The warm kind. The kind that allow to me to do what I love and take pictures of people in the snow!

So now I have warm feet, and a fiancé who has taken to calling me Napoleon.


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  1. Hahahahahaa I had no idea what that title had to do with the post until the very end. Love this entry lol.


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