Thursday, October 31, 2013

melissa + mike | DIY burlap wedding at tudor hall

My last wedding of the season!!

Shooting Melissa and Mike was completely bittersweet, because at every turn I would think to myself...

This is my last bridal party prep of the year!
This is my last ceremony!
This is the last time I'll photograph a first dance until next year!

But truly, there's no lovelier couple than Melissa and Mike to finish out a wedding season, and I'm in love with these images!

Please enjoy this last wedding until February... :)

I love when a bride is surprised by a gift from her future husband :)

Melissa and Mike have a little bunny that they love like crazy, so this crystal piece from Swarovski was just too perfect for Melissa.

Another spotting of the bunny worked into the wedding day! These handmade cufflinks made from coins were so cool. 

I LOVE little details like this!

Over at the first look location, we were so happy that the rain seemed to be holding!

But...we spoke too soon. Right after I took the shot on the left, it started to POUR. A nice man came by and offered us another umbrella so that both our bride and groom could stay dry. 

Thankful for The Museum of Nature as a backup spot in case of rain. To put this into perspective you guys, every shot you see in this room was taken in 15 minutes because that's all the time we had to head over to the church!!

Oh my goodness, I'm just in love with these...

Melissa, you make such a stunning bride!

After a whirwind of a day and another bout of pouring rain, it was so nice to be able to hang out in their beautiful and warm reception room at Tudor Hall. Everywhere you looked there were handmade details that tied in Melissa and Mike's love of music.  

And have you ever seen a cooler guest book?

Congratulations, Melissa and Mike!! 
I am so happy to end my season with you guys!