Thursday, December 8, 2016

favourite engagement photos from 2016

When rounding up my favourite engagement photos from the year, not only did I fall in love with my job all over again, but I found myself craving every single season at the same time. The pretty spring light! Autumn at the orchard! Those blazing summer sunsets... But also the cozy hot chocolate winter! Since I can't choose just one, it's a good thing I'm sharing it all. 

Just a warning, it you don't want to see happily engaged people prancing about in cute clothes and squeezing each other close, this post isn't for you. But for those of you that LIVE for that sort of picture-perfect goodness, let's dig in. 

Kara & Kevin's Prince Edward County engagement is the perfect culmination of all those good things I listed above. If you missed this one, get caught up here

My 2017 couples are so creative and I loved this love-lock bridge engagement with Jordy & Kevin :)

High school sweethearts planning a Cabo wedding -- it's everything. Krissy & Shayne are the best.

An engagement session unlike any other! These two actually just celebrated the arrival of their adorable baby daughter, Myla, a couple days ago! Sending all my love, Michelle & Ty! 

Every email Nikki sends my way makes me laugh, even if she's only sending me timeline info for the big day. Could NOT be more excited to document their New Years wedding!

Candace, remember I told you we would look back at these snowy pictures and barely remember the cold? Well I was only half right, because my memory of this FRIGID day will last forever, but it was worth it in every way. 

Okay, this photo is amazing because we did almost the exact same pose on their wedding day and you can now see it featured over on Elegant Weddings Magazine. So happy for the newly married Masons!

Ending this post with a sunny summer engagement, because I think I finally decided on my favourite season. OH WAIT, maybe that's just because it's also wedding season. Nicole and Stephane will be some of the first to be married next year and I can't wait!  


Friday, December 2, 2016

december goals

I'm confused. Was it not just January 1st? The fact that I just had my first inquiry for a 2019 wedding is too much to handle. November was supposed to bring an off-season, but I ended up accepting a couple of projects that were just too exciting to pass up. I'm so happy I did it, but I'm really trying to slow down a bit these days. I am fortunate enough to be able to control my schedule and I don't want months to keep going by in a blur. 

I think I fell in love with my kids this month. Like major. Cooper has entered such a fun age where he tells funny stories and communicates better and better each day. He makes us laugh and loves his sister so much. Speaking of Jillian, she's starting to slow down and get out of the destructive phase. We even had the puppy's water bowl on the floor for a whole day without her putting her hands in it. Hooray! 

One of my goals for November was to spend some time with Cooper one on one. It was as if the universe handed this goal to me on a silver platter because earlier this week he showed a bit of a fever at school and had to take the next day off. We went to the movies (first time!) and went to see the fishies at the pet store and had the best day together. If all of my goals are going to find me as easy as this one, I really need to start setting some cooler ones...  

A few goals for December:

Have a social media free weekend (or two.)
Finish Reading Amy Poehler's book.
Bake something! (Recycling this one from last month because I simply didn't get to it...)
Write my Christmas cards by the fire, not while watching Vanderpump Rules.
Do a Christmasy shoot for the kids.
Light the balsam candle at every opportunity (yes, it's current lit!)
Teach Cooper to be thankful if someone gives him a present.

prettiest ring shots of 2016

Welcome December!! I celebrated the arrival of the holiday month with an afternoon of bookkeeping. You read that right... I actually LOVE bookkeeping. Entering all of my receipts, tracking my revenue, writing out mileage numbers...maybe my accountant husband has had more of an impact on me than I realize! I also drank a tea from my David's Tea advent calendar, and that counts as truly festive, right? 

This year I'm doing something a little differently. You know those "best of" blog posts that usually trickle in in January? Well this year I'm making December the month of the best-ofs! To kick off the month, let's start with the shiniest post of them all: prettiest ring shots of 2016! I can almost guarantee this will be the sparkliest part of your day. And if it isn't, I want your life.

A solitaire ring and a gold feather necklace detail? *Hallelujah plays softly in the background*

Sarah's Anne Sportun ring is striking and bold and so so perfect for her. Anne Sportun shared a couple photos on her Instagram feed and we all died. 

Jillian's soft pink wedding details were so romantic! Her ring shot needed to match <3

My sweet friends, Gen and Chris. The gold on their wedding invitation was the perfect backdrop for a ring shot. They included this photo in their wedding album and that's the kind of stuff that makes me so happy.

Arguably my favourite ring shot ever, and my first opportunity to photograph The Mrs. Box. This photo is one of the first ones you see when you visit my website. Somehow it's the perfect combination of luxury wedding photography meets bright and pretty colours. Plus I'm a sucker for a floral wreath invitation...

The beautiful Candace donned this stunning oval diamond ring. One of my favourite things about this photo is how it was taken at 11:00am, before the girls even arrived at the house to get dressed. Little did I know that this photo would perfectly match the photos of Candace and Mark at dusk... 

Talk about incorporating details from the day... This ring shot was photographed on the save the date, with the wedding invitation as the backdrop. And the beautiful ring just happens to belong to my dear from Kelly :) 

Just thinking of the rings of 2017 gives me all of the happy tinglies. Stay tuned for the next best-of post -- most beautiful bouquets!!