Thursday, July 17, 2014

new pieces from sarah walsh bridal

It's been awhile since I've photographed Sarah Walsh Bridal's latest pieces! 

She's been working extremely hard lately to design some new pieces (on top of moving into her brand new studio space and hiring staff!), and I'm very excited to show off a few of my favourite images from our recent shoot :)

Thank you so much to everyone involved! Working with an amazing group of people definitely makes this more fun :)

Bridal accessories by Sarah Walsh Bridal
Photography by Laura Kelly Photography
Hair by Lori at Showpony Hair
Makeup by Samiksha Rai
Dresses courtesy of The Handmade Bride
Models: Jana, Emily, and Carly 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

a personal update (& pics of mr. coop!)

Sometimes I forget to update this blog with personal stuff! 

It used to be the place where I shared everyday thoughts and instagram photos, but since I don't want to inundate my brides and grooms with baby stuff, I've been posting heavily on the family blog instead. 

Although, every once in awhile I feel like I should check in with a few "maternity leave" updates. (I put "maternity leave" in quotes because some days I feel like a busy working mom! Booking new clients, doing engagement sessions for next year's weddings, putting together timelines for this season, etc.)

Here are a few updates:

Life as a mama is lovely! We are blessed with an insanely good sleeper (10 hours every night!) and a good eater. If you'd like to see a glimpse into our day-to-day, check out this post

Next: I've booked a booth at The Ottawa Wedding Show for this Fall! It's been FOREVER since I did a show, but setting up a table at Hot 899's Hide the Bride this year reminded me just how much I love talking to future clients. In between feedings, naps, and stroller walks around the neighbourhood, I'll be finding a bit of time to design some promotional material for the show (and let's face it…hunting around the basement for all of my old booth supplies!). 

Next up, this is Ryan's busy time at work (quarter end, blah!), so I've been keeping myself busy by selling things on Kijiji, decluttering my cupboards, and yesterday I even went through all of my old purses. Things found along the way: some GST cheques from 2011, keys to my old house, $32 in loonies and toonies, 3 brand new sticks of deodorant, and a list of ambitions for my "future photography business." That list was a jackpot…it included things like: shoot a wedding, be featured on a wedding blog, see my name in the newspaper, have a million twitter followers, own more than one lens, and have business cards. Ha!

And my last update for today…our little baby Coop turned 3 months old today! I took some photos of him to celebrate :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

liz + nick | sunset engagement session at britannia beach

To him, it seemed like she was taking forever to finish her sandwich. And that's a common feeling (or so I hear), the feeling that time slows down when there's a diamond ring burning a hole in your pocket. 

Nick said "I love you." Liz said it back, casually. And the moment she finished her last bite, he proposed…during a picnic lunch in Murano, Venice.

They way they told the story made it even better (I wanted to hear everything about the 18 countries they'd visited together). Liz and Nick are a truly adorable pair, and photographing them on Thursday evening was a pleasure. I love the laughter behind each of their smiles, and the way they seem to fit together perfectly. 

And I love the result of our session even more :)

Hopefully everyone had a great Canada Day yesterday!! 

We sure did, and I'm working on posting some photos to the family blog this 
afternoon, so head on over there if you have time :)