Thursday, October 23, 2014

introducing: album collections!

The hype leading up the wedding day is palpable. The bride and I are always in contact about little changes to the timeline, and everyone is so excited for Saturday to FINALLY arrive. And then the wedding day comes and goes, the blog post is published, and when all is said and done, we're left with a collection of over 500 photos to love. 

When my clients decide to order albums, I get really excited about the chance to dive back into their collection and make something truly beautiful from it. Recently, I worked on a large album order for Barbara and Patrick's Montreal wedding back in August. 

The order consisted of a luxurious blush pink Leather album for Barbara and Patrick, two Linen albums as gifts for their parents, a smaller Linen album for Barbara's dear Opa, and an engagement album. Everything from the photo choices, to the colours they selected for the was perfection. 

I LOVE this engraved cover. The blush pink leather has such an amazing and rich colour underneath!

Take a look into their 8x8 Linen engagement album (the cover is "Oatmeal").

Putting together this custom order inspired me to create album PACKAGES. Now my clients have the option to bundle multiple albums together to save a few dollars. 

To my lovely brides and grooms: shoot me an email if you're interested in seeing this price list!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

emily + bobak | orchardview fall wedding

Emily and Bobak were married on a beautiful Fall day in October, smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend, which was fitting because it is one of their favourite holidays. Good food, quality time with family and friends, and gratitude -- that's exactly the type of day Emily and Bobak wanted for their wedding.

Enjoy just a few of my favourites from this recent wedding at Orchard View... 

A blush pink wedding dress? So very "in" right now!

We had a (not so) small audience for shooting wedding formals...

Upon showing her grandfather that she was wearing her grandma's ring on her right hand for the wedding, Emily said, "I wanted her to be here with us." Without the slightest hesitation, he replied, "She is with us."

He then pulled out a laminated photo of Emily's beautiful grandmother.

Congratulations Emily & Bobak! Thank you for everything -- it was a wonderful day!