Friday, March 15, 2019

celina + matt | a botanical themed maternity session in ottawa

What an absolute delight! Not only because Celina and Matt have somehow managed to find the CUTEST theme and location for a maternity session, but because they've given me the gift of being able to document it!

Their wedding at Restaurant 18 last April was the best way to kick off the wedding season, and now to be hanging out again less than a year later, we're celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of the sweetest baby girl. I feel like Carrie in the Sex & The City movie saying "we know this baby will have Celina's effortlessly gorgeous style, what else do we know?"

A few favourites from our time together:

The sweetest!

There's a botanical theme in the nursery, so it was absolutely genius to bring the maternity session to the tropical greenhouse. 

And it was SO hot in there, that we didn't mind one bit stepping out for a few outdoor shots!

Quick moment to note the shoes. They've appeared in the engagement session, on the wedding day, and now match so perfectly with this darling maternity gown.

It's the details, people. 

I think this one might be my favourite!! 

Maybe this one...

Okay final answer. THIS. This is the one that needs to be framed and placed somewhere in the nursery. Celina & Matt -- you guys are the best!

Celina, my love -- good luck with everything that's to come! You're going to do great. This little lovey is going to be the best dressed girl in the game, and she's lucky to have you both as her parents. I can't wait to visit you once she's here and capture a few of those early moments at home! 

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I can't wait to work with you! xo

Thursday, March 14, 2019

kelsea + keane | winter engagement session at dow's lake

It's the never-ending winter, Ottawa! But this adorable Dow's Lake engagement session with Kelsea and Keane is making it all worthwhile. 

Something about the warm sun that's pouring into Kelsea's hair in every shot, plus their beaming smiles and laid back style -- this is perhaps my favourite winter engagement session of all time.

I hope it keeps you warm on this snowy March morning! 

Shoutouts to LK Couple, Amanda and Ron, who had Keane in their wedding party! I barely recognized him without the goatee -- good call Keane. 2019 is serving you well ;)

Seems like a great time to mention my girl Lori at Showpony who did Kelsea's hair for the session! So gorgeous!

I'm loving this view of Dow's Lake behind them. The little pops of gold from the sunset in the windows... 

Saw this one on the back of the camera and knew it would be an early sneak peek: 

Kelsea & Keane, you guys are a DREAM!

BRB gotta go find room on my website for this iconic image... It represents everything my entire business is about: happy people in love, showcased in their most beautiful light. 

Kelsea & Keane, I wish we could do this session all over again, just to get more time to waddle on the ice and hang out! You guys are so lovely and your wedding will surely be an absolute fairytale. All my love!! xo