Thursday, November 30, 2017

dress moments that simply needed their own blog post...

Whether it's the wind that blows her veil into the air, or the sun that shines through the layers of her tulle skirt, a "dress moment" can always take my breath away. It's my job to watch for these little details, especially since the beautiful bride can't see them for herself. 

I've collected a few of my favourite dress moments from 2017; the ones that simply needed their very own blog post. And the back detail of Maria's Stella York dress from With Love Bridal is the perfect place to start:

I'm not entirely sure, but I think this staircase in the Wallis House AirBnB was designed with Kelly's dress in mind. This was one of my favourite dresses of the year, and you can find it at Sinders, designed by Ashley & Justin Bride.

Now how about this for a dress moment: the first time Marisa tried to sit after putting her dress on. "I'm like a creampuff!" I live for these adorably joyous moments. 

Brittany's engagement session dress had a hundred million moments of its own on this windy condo rooftop. This one is my absolute fave. 

I know you're looking for a closeup view of it's perfection... 

Holly's dress on the 23rd floor of the Westin -- the best. 

So many layers of this dress to fluff! Holly's Maid of Honour had the best job that day. 

Speaking of layers... the way Sarah's Hayley Paige dress from White Satin swishes at dusk. I was in heaven! 

Masters of the romantic walk. Carly & Ryan's wedding was a serious highlight of my entire season. And it's not just because she had two wedding dresses... 

This one is Hayley Paige from The Modern Bride in Guelph, Ontario. 

When TOAST Events chooses a dress for a styled shoot, you just know it's going to be good. This dress isn't technically a wedding dress -- can you believe?!

Sweetest moment after doing up the back of her daughter-in-law's gown. It feels like forever since Michelle's stunning wedding in Brockville!

Can't decide which I like better: on the hanger... 

Or on Nicole! Just kidding, Nicole takes it by a long shot. 

The face of a girl with the most amazing bridesmaids in the entire world, who cheered like crazy when they saw her all dolled up. I loved Kara & Kevin's wedding so freaking much. 

If there's a vintage wine cellar door in your bridal prep suite, guaranteed it will be used for a full length dress shot. 

People have been messaging me left right and centre about Sarah's wedding setup. Yes, it's her home. Yes, the gown is Hayley Paige. And yes, she has been dreaming of this moment for years. 

A giant floral wall and a Revelle Bridal gown with cap sleeves? Yes please. 

Perhaps the most unique wedding dress of the year. Norde Bridal gets me every time! 

I can't forget Chelsea's engagement session dress either... Those darling straps in the back and long flowy skirt! Perfect for that golden sunset.  

"In the presence of God and our family and friends..."

As these words were spoken, Carly's veil flew up and was carried across the entire frame. "Hey God!" she said. 

And last but certainly not least, the beautiful Ariane. I obsessed over this back cutout (& let's face it, her tattoo!) all day long. Her dress is from Boutique 1861 in Montreal. This photo is one of my absolute favourites from the entire season. 

Can I please have this flower crown? And this haircut?  

Just like the little sign from Ariane & Brandon's ceremony arch, the best is yet to come. The next post in the year-in-review series features everyone's favourite wedding crasher: puppies! You'll have to stay tuned for that one. It might be the cutest post I've ever written! 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

prettiest blooms from 2017

The end of the year is so bitter sweet. It's crazy to look back on the previous wedding season and revel in all its beauty, but at the same time it's a little bit sad that it's over! 2018 is right around the corner though, so don't let your wedding photo loving heart feel too sad, my friend. 

In previous years I've saved these posts for the week before Christmas, but I'm going to roll them out a little slower this time around. So let's officially kick off the year-end festivities and dive in with the prettiest blooms of 2017! If you're looking for some floral-inspo for your 2018 or 2019 wedding, let this be your one stop shop.

First up, Kelly's gorgeous bouquet by Flowers Talk Tivoli

The way these Presh Floral bouquets line up perfectly on Sarah's mantle... you just KNOW she has been planning that setup for months

Ariane is essentially wearing an entire bouquet in her hair, but that didn't stop her from holding more in her hands! Pollen Nation outdid herself on this event. It might be my most florally-adored wedding of the year. 

Dale's bouquet featured a darling little locket with tributes to those who couldn't be with her on the day. 

If you need to see more photos of these bouquets & bridesmaids dresses, this post is for you. 

That dreamy light with the sparkly dresses -- entirely enhanced with these gorgeous florals. 

Let us never forget the importance of an adorable boutonniere. This one by Flowers Talk Tivoli adorned Peter's suit perfectly. 

Brightest florals of the year award goes to Maria! Hands down! The Design Co. killed it with these amazing Spring colours. There's a name for those big green leaves. I don't know it, but I love it. 

And then there's the opposite of that vibrant bouquet: Carly's simple yet elegant all-white blooms <3

This insanely stunning Tuscan inspired styled shoot in collaboration with TOAST Events has yet to be seen publicly, but the bouquet was so unusual and needs to be seen! All of this greenery was picked and bundled together by Katherine from Pollen Nation. Love her style. 

And speaking of styled shoots, we can't forget this Montreal masterpiece by Floralia:

How could she have known how perfect this bouquet would look with the fresh falling snow?! This engagement session is one of my favourite Winter ones from this year. Those florals are another Pollen Nation masterpiece. 

Bouquets with long ribbons. Always a YES in my book. 

Perhaps one of my favourite Spring colour palettes ever. Nicole somehow managed to mix pink & orange perfectly at this chic Stonefields wedding. Courtesy of Apropos Flowers!

There we go with those green leaves I loooooove. Jasmine held this beauty by Autumn's Fine Flowers all day long. 

Ready for my most unique bouquet of the year? It's actually not a bouquet at all! This floral hoop kills me in the best way. 

And Calen's bouquet featured the most perfect white anemone:

Next up for the year-in-review series: 
dress moments that rocked my world and need their own spotlight.