Thursday, March 28, 2019

wren | a modern branding photography session

Who needs a studio when your clients' homes look straight out of a magazine...

Can't even tell you how much fun it was to reconnect with Wren again for our third (but not last!) headshot and social media session. She's a BOSS when it comes to knowing exactly the aesthetic of her brand and how to translate that in photos. We crammed so much into this 1.5 hour session, and I'm super excited to see how she uses these photos over the next few months to grow her business. 

Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

suzanne + kyle | a lifestyle newborn session at home

Sharing something a little different today! It was such a delight to step back into Suzanne and Kyle's life after their 2015 wedding, to document the early days of their growing family. Suzanne and Kyle welcomed an adorable little man named Maverick just 4 weeks ago, and he's to thank for the joy you'll see in each of these photos. 

There's something pretty great about a newborn session around the 1 month mark. Everyone is starting to feel a little more in the swing of things (Mom included!), and newborn features start to be replaced by those adorable little traits that will live on for many years. 

I thought I'd share just the tiniest peek into The Miller Family's lifestyle newborn session at home -- enjoy!

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Monday, March 25, 2019

a lifestyle headshot and branding session for marie andree

It's no secret that I've been able to use visual content on social media to grow a business -- in fact, the combination of this blog, plus Facebook, plus Instagram has changed everything. In my early days I'd pay a couple thousand dollars to show up at a wedding show. Now, I show up from the comfort of my pjs while sharing content on these free platforms to grow my brand in a strategic way. 

It makes me SO happy when I can use my gifts to help other business owners do the same! By creating a collection of brand-friendly images, these bosses can tailor their online presence to their ideal clients, attracting exactly the right type of customer. Plus, having professional photos makes a huge impact when someone is shopping for the right person to fit their request!

I take on 3-4 headshot and branding sessions every season, and today I'm sharing a small peek into a collection that was shot for Marie-Andree, a Naturopathic Doctor here in Ottawa. Approachable, compassionate, professional, and an expert in her field: that's what we were going for!

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Friday, March 15, 2019

celina + matt | a botanical themed maternity session in ottawa

What an absolute delight! Not only because Celina and Matt have somehow managed to find the CUTEST theme and location for a maternity session, but because they've given me the gift of being able to document it!

Their wedding at Restaurant 18 last April was the best way to kick off the wedding season, and now to be hanging out again less than a year later, we're celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of the sweetest baby girl. I feel like Carrie in the Sex & The City movie saying "we know this baby will have Celina's effortlessly gorgeous style, what else do we know?"

A few favourites from our time together:

The sweetest!

There's a botanical theme in the nursery, so it was absolutely genius to bring the maternity session to the tropical greenhouse. 

And it was SO hot in there, that we didn't mind one bit stepping out for a few outdoor shots!

Quick moment to note the shoes. They've appeared in the engagement session, on the wedding day, and now match so perfectly with this darling maternity gown.

It's the details, people. 

I think this one might be my favourite!! 

Maybe this one...

Okay final answer. THIS. This is the one that needs to be framed and placed somewhere in the nursery. Celina & Matt -- you guys are the best!

Celina, my love -- good luck with everything that's to come! You're going to do great. This little lovey is going to be the best dressed girl in the game, and she's lucky to have you both as her parents. I can't wait to visit you once she's here and capture a few of those early moments at home! 

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