christine + patrick | downtown engagement

I met Christine and Patrick at Starbucks so that we could grab a tea and get to know each other before our shoot ( was mainly because we couldn't afford to stand outside for a single second longer than necessary).

That's was a cold one. -31°C...aka cold enough to feel like your bones are made of ice. Gotta love that Canadian winter. 

We sat down and went over everything from how they met in England, their wedding in Ireland, and how they settled on getting a place in this frigid nation. Christine also mentioned something else...something she felt I deserved to know before we stepped out the door to start shooting.

Patrick suffers from....Chandler syndrome. If you're unfamiliar, please take a moment to watch this:

I agreed to alert Christine everytime Patrick's syndrome flared up, and with that, out came the camera.

I quickly found out that Patrick had this fabulous ability to make Christine laugh. The best kind of laughs too...the face-in-hand-almost-in-tears kind ♥

After we took our last sips, we piled on the layers and popped outside. Sheer bravery, I'm telling you...

This girl is freakin' gorgeous. That's really all there is to say about it.

So one other thing you should know...while Christine, Patrick and I walked down the streets of downtown Ottawa, everyone was staring at us. Not because we were insanely good looking (weird, I know) but because we were all wearing these amazing hats. 

I asked Patrick to snap a photo of Christine and I, so that I never forget how much fun we had on our shoot :)

You guys...seriously...thank you for being my fabulous models for the afternoon, braving the blistering cold to hang out with me for a bit. I hope you have the most wonderful wedding in Ireland ♥


  1. Wow, she is beautiful! What great shots of a gorgeous couple!

  2. I knowwww, she is actually GORGEOUS :) they are an amazing couple..!


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