Friday, November 30, 2012

fridays bring wonderful things :)

I had a feeling today would be the day...

The day I checked Facebook to see a notification from Lauren Wakefield, letting me know that her blog post was ready to see. And I was right :)

Lauren captured our wedding day with so much love and passion that I am literally speechless when it comes to what I feel about our photos. I think I've accounted for at LEAST 35 page-views of this post today. I cannot get enough of them.

You simply must go take a look at our preview on Lauren's blog... 

I will of course be putting together a complete blog post with my FAVE images from our wedding day and sharing them here with you, but for now...I'll let you check them out over on Lauren's blog (and I firmly encourage you to stick around, she is an amazing blogger and photographer, obviously). 


P.P.S...turns out the hardest part of packing is figuring out which lenses to bring. I'm thinking...50mm and 10-20mm. That should cover it right? Oh...telephoto...or macro...bahhh this is too hard. I'm going to leave those decisions for the morning.

P.P.P.S...this Friday also brought one other amazing thing...and that's Beans sucessfully passing the third and final stage of his Chartered Accountancy exams, the hardest one...the UFE! He got the call at noon and has been one relieved and happy camper all day. 

Congrats babe! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

loraleah + bob | LAGO dow's lake wedding

She made me want to be a better Bride.

Loraleah seemed to cross off everything on her wedding to do list with ease and grace, while I struggled to figure out what I should be doing. Our weddings were three days apart, and I cherish the relationship we had this year while we each planned our special days. 

She and Bob said "I do" on the very day I left for the Dominican Republic, and their wedding went by exactly as I'd imagined...with ease and grace. 

It was a PERFECT day, down to every last detail and teary eyed family member (there were many...!). 

Makeup by the AMAZING Ariana Assadi :)

My new favourite thing is the moment where the parents see the Bride for the first adorable. 

The first kiss... 

Pretty much obsessed with Loraleah's bouquet and those twinkly lights at Dow's Lake...

This is so them...

Their reception was at the ever-lovely LAGO, and the decor was absolutely stunning. 

And the Bride & Groom's grand entrance was one of the most fun wedding moments I've witnessed :)

Congratulations you two!! All my love.

Monday, November 26, 2012

we're home!!!


I'm officially married and have never been happier :)

Our week at the Majestic Colonial in Punta Cana, DR, was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. I'm so excited to go through some of the photos we took, and find a couple hours in my day to recall all the amazing things that transpired. 

Also, in wedding photography news...I am dyyyyying over this sneak peek that Lauren had waiting for us when we got home.  

I have SO much to say about this whole experience of getting married, and the pleasures of working with such an UNBELIEVABLE wedding photographer, but before I can really sit down and blog it...I need to make some tea, unpack a little, and try to put my house back together (since every past-Bride knows that the week before the wedding is a blur of disaster and clutter and overall messiness). 

And I also need to get myself in editing mode so that I can deliver some photos to my amaaaaazing clients, Loraleah & Bob, whose wedding happened on the very day we left for the Dominican.

For the past week and a half, they have been waiting ever so patiently to see their wedding photos, and I am so grateful for them and their support. 

Here's a peek into their wedding day... 

Officially signing off as Mrs. Laura Kelly...


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

amy + isaac | junkyard engagement

The thought of working on New Years Eve seems absolutely repulsive, right? 

Totally agreed.

Except when you're a wedding photographer, and your work is to spend the night with two people that you happen to be quite fond of, while they exchange vows and dance the night away...

And that's how I feel about Amy & Isaac. My two newest friends, and hosts of the party where I'll be hanging out on NYE. The party that I now know...will be freaking amazing. 

The three of us ventured into a really cool junkyard for their engagement photos -- a location totally handpicked by Isaac himself. And let me just say...shooting in a new environment with a really fun couple reminds me just how much I LOVE what I do. 

Check out some shots from our time together:

The thing you need to know about these that when you first ask them to do something, they have their own, unique, variation of it. 

Example number one: if you tell them to dance all cute together, they do this:

But then they get a little more serious, and give me some photographic gold:

Here's another example of this lol...

If you ask them to walk together, this happens:

And I think this is them taking my direction to "look anywhere but right at my camera." Might be my fave. 

My dearest Amy & Isaac, thank you for giving me a super fun shoot, and a new favourite location to boot. 

Cannot WAIT for your big day!