Thursday, March 30, 2017

social media & changing your mindset

We're told to take in big breaths, hold, and exhale as long as we can to get rid of the stress that we hold in our bodies. We've all heard about the benefits of laying out clothes the night before as a way to set ourselves up for success in the morning.

We know that mindset is everything. 

And today I'm challenging you to shift your mindset about the way you approach social media. 

So often I hear my fellow small business owners say that "posting on Instagram/Facebook takes too much time," or that they simply "have nothing to say." Well, friends, there's a problem with that way of thinking. Just for a minute, replace Instagram/Facebook with email. There's not an entrepreneur out there who can get away with saying:

Email just takes way too much time, and I have nothing to say! 

WHY? Because we all consider email to be part of the job. 

It's a necessity! It's how we conduct business, how we share information with our clients, and it's the thing that differentiates our hobbies from a real business. 

Near the end of 2016 I shifted my thinking. I stopped considering social media a superfluous part of my business as a wedding photographer; a "bonus" if you will. I forced myself to put it on the same plane as email, bookkeeping, taxes, and editing. By including it in that list of things that I HAVE to do, even if it might not be the easiest part of my day or the quickest, I was able to use social media as a tool to GROW my business.

The same way we all love the idea of burning calories well after our workout is over, posting strategically on Facebook and Instagram was a way that my business could be thriving long after my work day had ended. 

When it comes to the WORK, mindset is everything. So today, as you're nearing the end of your workday and tying up all of the loose ends, take 15 minutes to post something encouraging, helpful, or strategic for your business. Keep burning those calories, or in this case growing your business, well into the evening.   

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

the dailey method third annual shoot!

I remember my first day at The Dailey Method. I remember being greeted at the door by Sarah, a peppy and shiny person with enthusiasm to spare. I remember Cooper crawling into the child care room, happy as a clam to hang out with Hannah while I took my first class. I remember being only 10 weeks pregnant, excited to incorporate barre classes into my routine. I remember the dozen times that I thought about turning around and driving back home and into my comfort zone. I remember overcoming that initial nervousness and thinking, "I can do this."

The studio smelled new and full of potential. I was there for a 12pm class during the grand opening, having no idea how much this place would become a home and a community for its members. It has been so much fun to watch Sarah & Jamie grow their business into what it is today, and getting to photograph their team is such an honour. I look back on our previous shoots and can't help but see how the energy has doubled with each annual shoot. 

Today I am very excited to share some of my favourite photos from the 2017 TDM shoot, featuring 8 new teachers and the brand new cycle studio. What hasn't changed, though, is the dedication to life balance, health, fitness, strength, and overall happiness. 

Sarah, Jamie -- if these photos don't prove how far you guys have come, well that's just crazy. Because you are rockstars and this is truly the dream team. 

Jenn has joined the team as a cycle teacher! She has the prettiest smile and makes everyone have hair envy. 

One thing that we changed up this time was the inclusion of some actual students. I see most of these women 3 times a week at 9:45am. They're champions and I am so thrilled they were able to join us. 

Another Jenn! Also a cycle teacher and maybe one of the easiest people to photograph ever. 

We don't have any fun. We really don't. 

Devan is one of my friends in real life, but precisely ZERO people told me he was a new cycle teacher at TDM! Seeing him at the shoot was such a surprise :) Fun fact, he's almost as tall as my husband. 

You just know we took a boomerang of this moment. And then promptly had to check and see if we got it... 

These faces say "nailed it."

Sweet and lovely Meghan is one of the new barre teachers, but she also teaches yoga and does spiritual coaching! She's as kind as she looks in this photo. 

This is Jamie saying "just an 8 count hold and you're done!" and we can all relate to Moriana's happy-pain. 

Haley is my #womancrushwednesday, even though it's Tuesday. She's zesty and funny and kindof a hot mess and I need more of her in my life. I am vowing to take one of her cycle classes ASAP. 

Nathan is teaching cycle and he would like the record to show that his shirt is red and not pink, as I called it. 

Oh and this is Sarah Hopkin! I took her class yesterday morning at 9:45 and I'm obsessed. She reminds me of a mini Sarah T., with just as much energy and positivity. It was the best :) 

And last but not least, Vanessa! She's teaching cycle and she's one of those people who can't take a bad photo. 

The face of a girl who totally hates her job. JOKES. 

Over in the cycle room, the crazy disco lights made it feel like a party. Suddenly everyone had an excuse to get sweaty and put their hair up. The joy was contagious and the music was loud :)

One final sweaty group shot. 

To the amazing Dailey Method community, to Sarah and Jamie, all of the teachers, and the students who joined us for this delightful shoot -- thank you for having me! To be your photographer 3 years in a row is an honour. I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished! 

See you next year <3 
(Well, see you in class, but you know what I mean...)