the misadventures of laura kelly: famous in china

Misadventure #172: Laura Kelly Goes to China

A nice looking man parked his tripod right in front of my booth at the Ottawa Wedding Show this weekend (come over here to check out my super rad booth set up!). Of course, any chance for publicity and I'm already lined up.

So I start up a chat with this nice fella. I say hey you, can I be in this video? He says sure thing lady (the lingo was a little different, but you get the gist) and he points the camera at me, and my lovely assistant, Shawna, poses as a very interested prospective client.

We laugh, joke, point fingers at the promotional material, and pretend we have just met and are getting along swimmingly.

As he wraps up, I ask, where will this video end up?

China, he says.

I laugh, because it's funny. I laugh, because I'm 100% positive he is making some kind of statement about how everything comes from or goes to China at some point. I press further, but actually...who is gonna see this thing?

The Chinese.

Now I'm he just the victim of taking a joke one line too far? Or is he being 100% serious. Turns out it was the serious one.

This nice man is a freelance photographer who sniffed out the interest in all things relating to weddings, to be dubbed in Chinese, to be played on a Chinese News Station. And us Canadian gals chatting about weddings and such, we just struck him pure videographic gold, I'm sure!

So even though I've never been to China, I guess in some weird face will have!


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  1. Be sure to send out the link! Very funny image though! Heck, maybe they don't have wedding photographers in China. It could be a new niche for you.


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