kait + jess | bff shoot

This this post is going to be less about how much I adore my two new friends, Kait and Jess...and more about how to be a best friend.

Because, let's face it...these two could write the manual.

Best friends make each other laugh. every. minute.

Best friends pick bark out of their best friend's eye, when necessary.

When best friends have a snowball fight...there is no holding back.

Best friends...okay this might not fit into the manual. But these best friends bring their favourite snacks to the shoot, just for fun.

Best friends dust off their best friend's snow pants, again...when necessary.

Love these girls...seriously. ♥



  1. What a great shoot, bffs. You really caught the essence of the moments and the friendship. Well done.

  2. It was super easy with these two!! :)


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