Monday, September 30, 2013

a floral bridal accessories extravaganza

It's so easy to fall in love with the collections of both Sarah Walsh Bridal and White Ribbon Accents...

They're so passionate about what they do, and our most recent shoot just proved this to me a hundred times over. Every little detail was perfectly thought out -- right down to crafting the looks of the beautiful brides who would sport their styles. 

All my love goes out to the beautiful girls who are now the faces of these two brands: Brittany, Zoe, Emily, Rebecca, and Kayla. 

I think we all fell in love with the collection of stunning lace dresses by With Love Bridal...

Our models were treated to hairstyling by Lori at Showpony Hair, and makeup by Shannon at One Fine Beauty. We were SO excited when they came through the doors and showed us their bridal looks!! Cannot thank these two teams enough, really. 

And of course, none of this would be possible without a space as perfect as Le Belvedere in Wakefield to use as our canvas. This wedding venue gave us GOOSEBUMPS. 

Huge thanks to The Sugar Post for lending us some vintage pieces for the day!

Bridal Jewellery and Hairpieces: Sarah Walsh Bridal
Bridal Sashes and Hairpieces: White Ribbon Accents
Venue: Le Belvedere, Wakefield
Model Styling: Alyssa Beltempo
Makeup: One Fine Beauty
Hair: Showpony Hair by Lori Dyck
Vintage Rentals: The Sugar Post
Dresses: With Love Bridal
Models: Brittany, Zoe, Emily, Rebecca, and Kayla

Friday, September 27, 2013

alyssa + matt | dockside couple session at dow's lake

We've probably met a few times over the years, what with sharing the same high school and all, but I'd say I didn't really meet Alyssa until the day of our book club photo shoot.

This BEAUTIFUL girl and I just got along so well, and at the next meeting, I must say I was a little bit sad to learn that she was moving away to Paris in less than a month!! 

(But only a little bit sad because, to use the words 
of her sweet boyfriend, Matt, this is her opportunity 
for a one-woman year long adventure!)

When she applied for my little fun-and-free contest, I knew this would be my only chance to get her on camera before she flies across the world! It was meant to be :)

I'm very excited to share these photos of Alyssa and Matt holding hands, making cute faces, and just generally being in love. Alyssa -- I expect you to come home after that year is up!! And I expect another photoshoot when you guys get reunited...

Just the most adorable people...

After all the forehead kissing I made Matt do, he felt he deserved one back..

Oh yeah, and doesn't every adorable couple have matching sweaters? No? Just these two then...

Alyssa, my lovely friend, I hope you have the most amazing trip! I can't wait for the instagrams of your one-woman adventure :)

Thanks for being such amazing models, you guys!! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

liz + sean | a backyard wedding in the country

I love a great wedding venue...but I ALSO love when a couple chooses to do something different! Liz and Sean were married in their beautiful backyard in the country, and I just love how their day suited them so perfectly.

Liz had the loveliest wedding day details; it was honestly a blast to photograph :)

Remember this photo from Liz & Sean's engagement sesh?? Getting this invitation in the mail made my day.

This has to be one of my favourites...Liz, you look so beautiful!! 

Congratulations Liz & Sean!!

Thank you so much for having us there to 
share your amazing wedding day :)