goodbye 2013, hello 2014 ♥ (a year in review post of sorts)

One of the things on my list of 101 in 1001 that I've been dying to tick off is:

#78: complete a year in review post for each year. 

2011, CHECK!
2012, CHECK!
2013, external hard drive crashes to the ground unexpectedly and all photos are lost. 

Yeah, that happened.  

I'm no stranger to hard drive issues…and ironically enough, last time it happened marked the very first item on my list that I checked off.

Lucky for me, I had just created another Blurb album meant to capture all of the travelling I did in 2013. I filled it to the brim with as many real and instagram photos as possible and happily hit COMPLETE ORDER! Minutes later = hard drive crash. 

So until I figure out what computer hospital I'll be visiting, please enjoy a flip through this album, as a year-in-review post of sorts :)

My year started with a bang -- two destination weddings in the Dominican Republic, back to back! I will never forget the 4 hour cab ride with my driver, Angel, where I thought I might die… (one day I will get around to telling this story…)

And the weekend we spent in Mont Tremblant with Ryan's work friends was just wonderful… so many beautiful things to photograph and so little time! We are hoping to go back again this March (although I will be SUPER pregnant so that will be interesting!).

Of course, Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill needed to make an appearance in the book. This trip changed my life, as if you couldn't tell from yesterday's New Year's post…!

Banff wasn't particularly written into my calendar, but sometimes best friend duty strikes when you least expect it.

Ooh, one of my favourites -- a week with our family in Punta Cana for Shaun & Sherry's destination wedding…SEND ME BACK! 

Vacationing with family is fun :)

Catamaran trips, drunken parents, little Nathan floating happily in the pool...

Next: off to Maine to meet my creative soulmate, Laura, and photograph her stunning DIY lighthouse wedding to Lee! 

This piece of the travel puzzle took up at least 4 spreads in the book because it was just too beautiful to cut short.

My favourite trip of the year: Mexico with my husband. Truth be told, we were there to shoot Louisa & Corey's destination wedding :) 

I ate gluten free for some reason (minus some soy sauce on sushi…), Beans and I hit the omelette bar HARD every morning, we played a ton of Bookworm on my iPad, and somehow I managed to read 4 books. Amazing, amazing week!

A few photos from our cottage weekends last Summer :) We are heading back there this weekend (YAY!) so maybe some snowy versions of these photos will appear in next year's book.

Finished the book off with 5 spreads of random instagram photos from the year… 

Notable mentions include the MTV trip to Toronto, baseball games with Beans' coworkers, collaborating with Sarah Walsh (a TON!), and last but not least…Christmas at home :)

The end!

I've got quite the collection going…!

It's almost the weekend, friends! 
Hope you're having a lovely Thursday :)

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