nadine + daniel | saints peter and paul melkite catholic church wedding

There are usually some themes that come up over and over again during the wedding speeches. Things like the quircky way they met, or how both the bride and groom lead crazy lives before they met each other...

But on Saturday night, when it came to Nadine and Daniel, every single one of the speeches touched on the idea that they were sent for each other.

I believe I cried a record of five times during their reception.

[Note to any potential wedding clients: I assure you I've
become quite skilled at shooting with tears in my eyes!]

Their wedding was such an amazing experience from beginning to end, and there are a MILLION photos that I want to share with you. So grab some popcorn before you dig in :)

Nadine's bridesmaids helped with absolutely everything, down to the final touches to make her look perfect...

It is always so touching to see a Bride's mom help with the back of the dress, but what brought me close to tears was seeing Nadine's father help her with the veil.

Meanwhile, across town, the boys were hanging out with coffee, muffins, and a few cold beers. And yes, in case you were wondering, they were most definitely double fisting.

Daniel has an amazing sense of style and taste, and it was important for me to capture all of the details that went into his look:

Nadine and Daniel said their vows in one the most stunning churches I've encountered to date, St. Peter and Paul Melkite Catholic Church.

And now that they were officially husband and wife, we headed to Rideau Hall for formal shots :)

I rarely show any family formals on my blog, but this family is simply too stunning to not show...

Each of the girls' bouquets were laced with a turquoise rosary. It was the perfect touch.

One of my favourites:

Nadine and Daniel danced the night away at St. Elias Banquet Center...

And they had a beautiful first dance ♥...

The traditional mother-son and father-daughter dances both made me cry. I captured so many sweet moments from their dances, it was hard to pick my favourites:

I will leave you with a shot that accurately reflects the entire evening...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lewis!

Please leave a little note for the Bride and Groom
with your best wishes... ♥


  1. congratulations nadine and daniel!! lovely wedding :)

  2. Great, great pictures! Looks like they had the perfect day.

  3. Mabrouk Mabrouk et encore Mabrouk!! Such a beautiful wedding and Lovely Bride and Groom....:-)

    Your cousin Robert

  4. Very beautiful pics and all the best to you on your new journey together!

    We love you!!!

    Khalo & Najwa

  5. Congratulations Nadine & Daniel! It really was the perfect wedding and may the rest of your years together be perfect as well! Love you,
    Aunty Shadia & Khalo Hany :)

  6. well done, the whole day look an amazing sucess. im really happy for you.


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