one lucky ballot

This morning I woke up, remeinded myself that I wasn't having a baby (a really weird dream last night involving a Blackberry Pregnancy Test App...), had a drink of water, and skipped over to the den to reach my hand into the ballot bowl from this past weekend's Ottawa Wedding Show.

You see, I held a draw to win your choice of an engagement or a boudoir session, totally and completely free, with no pesky strings attached :)

With over 200 ballots in there, (I know, because I unfolded and read each and every one, and loaded every single email address into excel!) I made sure to reach right into the bowl, dig around a little bit, and yank out a teeny tiny blue ballot (which happened to have some cute handwriting on it.)

Joelle Lecours Bouchard

This lovely lady had the winning ballot and I simply cannot wait to meet her (again!).

Oh, and one more the girl who folded her ballot into a mini paper airplane: I admire your spunk and enthusiasm ;)


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