taking my own advice

A week or two ago I wrote about the 10 Steps to Surviving Self Employment, and one of those very steps was to remember to PUNCH OUT!

I struggle with that, I'm not going to lie.

These days, Ryan is working crazy long hours (like 8am to 9pm everyday...boo!) so I'm left by myself for pretty much the whole day. It's hard not to just keep working until suddenly I realize it's 8:30 and Ryan will be on his way home soon.

But today, I am going to take my own advice to give my card a swipe at the ol' punch clock.

The plan?

Well...let's just say it includes a glass of champagne (shhh...Tuesdays can be celebrated too!), and some High School Musical 2. It's my guilty pleasure, what can I say?

So this is me, saying goodnight to the to-do list, goodnight to my iphone, to google calendar, to blogstop and lightroom and all of the other things I'm sure I left out. I'll see you bright and early ♥ 


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