they say everything happens for a reason...

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Even though 99% of the time, I firmly believe this...I had a really hard time believing it yesterday morning when I woke up to an email from my wedding photographer, saying that unfortunately she had to refund my deposit because she is expecting her first child this November.

Although I tried to focus on the part of me that's super stoked for her and her husband, I couldn't help but feel totally discouraged. I had to start all. over. again.

After breakfast, I headed straight to my computer and started researching. Within minutes, I remembered how torturous this was the first time around. In all honestly, I felt like I could burst into tears at any moment.

It probably won't come as a surprise to you that photography is a HUGE part of my own wedding planning, and to be less than seven months out and photographer-less...scared me.

In my time of need, I turned to a group of photographers (turned life long friends) to let them know about my pickle of a situation. I am straight up NOT exaggerating when I say that OVER A HUNDRED photographers responded with links to their websites and blogs and told me that they would love to come down to Punta Cana with us to shoot our wedding.

As I type this, I realize that I'm not properly conveying the insane number of responses I received. And not only that...but we're talking photographers that I look up to...aspire to...photographers who make images that have me staring in complete awe.

Suddenly I had a new problem...


But then I got this one email....not a Facebook comment, not a Facebook message, an email...from one of my absolute favourite photographers of all, and it changed the game.

She said it simply...just a couple words:

Girl, I photograph your wedding. Dominican Republic...pffft! ;)

My heart was in my throat when I read that email. Like I said, it changed the game. We wrote back and forth that whole day, talking about travel agents and wedding colours and how we must have been twins separated at birth because we're so much alike.

All I can possibly say at this point, is that I can't believe Lauren Wakefield will be photographing my wedding...

I can't tell you how much this means to me...I have been reading Lauren's blog and watching her photos since I first started my business. I couldn't tell you when or how I first found her link, all I know is that I've been going back ever since.

In the end, I can't believe how everything turned out, leaving me with a truly AMAZING and talented photographer to document our story...! Oh, and if you're reading this as one of our lovely wedding guests, I can tell you this: YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THIS GIRL!

Hello...just look at her amazingness...

P.S...this was my email from the Universe today:

One thing I know for sure, Laura, is that with time everything becomes clear,
all questions are answered, what's broken is restored, new trails are blazed,
 hearts are mended, love returns, and you will look over your shoulder,
with a tear in your eye, at life's utter perfection.
And best of all, Laura, time is one thing you have plenty of.
Trust me.
-  The Universe

{note: if you're unaware of the magical phenomenon of emails
from the Universe, check out my girl Lauren's post
that made me insta-subscribe}


  1. 100% everything happens for a reason and this was supposed to happen! I can't wait to live it up in Punta Cana with you! Umbrellas drinks and all. I'll bring our friendship bracelets. :)

  2. wow this is pure awesomeness!! so happy for you and your new bff/photographer! i cannot wait to see the beauty that is created on your wedding day <3

  3. So glad you found the perfect photographer Laura!

  4. I'm so. so. happy for both of you!!!!! Match made in heaven. :-) <3

  5. YAY! Oh girl this is so exciting :-)


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