Friday, August 31, 2012

amanda + neil | new edinburg tennis club engagement

It's so much fun to shoot couples in a brand new spot, and I am so happy that Amanda and Neil chose the New Edinburg Tennis Club as the location for their engagement shoot!

This lovely couple has been together since high school (high school sweethearts, woo!) and are yet to set a wedding date. They've been engaged for a year, but it has been a busy one for them, and I was happy to help them cross the engagement shoot off their list of wedding to-do's.  

Here are some of my favourites from our time together:

It was the PERFECT time of day...the sun made everything look romantic.

We ventured over to some of the nicer homes in New Edinburg, because they gates provided lovely backgrounds. Ohhhh to live in a place like this...

Amanda, best of luck on your wedding planning, girl! And if you're ever feeling like a bad bride, just remember you're not alone ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

#25 host a boudoir marathon

#25: host a boudoir marathon

It felt almost exactly like a wedding.

A long, rewarding day, that rendered amazing images that I'm SO excited about, and a set of really tired feet.

My worry was that my peak of boudoir inspiration would start to fade after my first couple sessions (I packed 7 shoots into one marathon of a day), but actually...the opposite happened! My day was loaded with gorgeous girls who ROCKED it in front of my camera, and it put me in such a great mood all day!

I rarely get to show off my boudoir work online because...well...frankly it's too hot for the internet's eyes. That being said, bridal boudoir is a major trend right now, and it's definitely the new, hot wedding gift for the night before you say "I do."

And these are just too good to keep secret...

To my amazing boudoir ladies: thank you for helping me cross off another thing on my list! Oh...and thanks for being so freakin' HOT and making my life so easy! ♥

Monday, August 27, 2012

emma + erik | backyard tented wedding

You might remember their YOW engagement in December...well ever since that day I've been excited for this wedding. I can't believe it has actually come and gone, because it seems like yesterday we were running up that escalator and fake-dodging security...  
So here we are, their wedding day. I usually leave a wedding feeling quite tired, emotionally drained, physically drained, ready for a bath and a long sleep in the next morning. But leaving Emma & Erik's wedding...I just felt lucky.

Lucky to be heading into Le Spa knowing that I would surely be photographing the most gorgeous bride in the entire salon. Lucky to have spent my afternoon with an amazing set of families and friends. 

But mostly, lucky to have witnessed the lovely wedding of Emma & Erik. Two of the sweetest people I have ever met. 

I love Emma's engagement ring, it totally suits her...

All of Emma's ladies helped her get ready, and her Mom had the most special job of all, doing up each and every button on Emma's GORGEOUS dress :)

Emma's sister Liz is no stranger to this blog either, remember her shoot?

Emma and Erik trekked up a mountain with a bottle of champagne on the day of their engagement, and other than forgetting the wine glasses and having to drink out of the bottle, it was absolutely perfect. 

Erik sent over the perfect gift for his bride, with a little envelope that read "to my wife on our wedding day..." Inside was a set of travel wine glasses. You know...for their future adventures. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Erik and his boys were hanging out and getting ready...

I absolutely LOVE the set of anatomical heart cufflinks that Emma bought for Erik... they suit him and his skills as a paramedic perfectly :)

And the custom

As the preparations came to an end, and Emma prepared to walk down the aisle, I caught this shot of Erik looking patient but excited...

And the second photo from this next sequence is one of my favourite shots of the day, because Emma's mother, Valerie, brought a tear to my eye with how excited she was.

Erik's brother, Chris, did an unbelievable job speaking at the ceremony. It was one of the most touching wedding ceremonies I've ever witnessed.

They're a good looking group, no?

Ugh...cannot handle how gorgeous this wedding party is. There are no words.

Miss Julia was a huge help to Emma during all of her planning, it was only fitting she get a special mention. Plus, she was giving me some great moves on the dancefloor to photograph ;)

The tented wedding reception was absolutely beautiful, and all of Emma's copper and navy details looked lovely...

The speeches were touching, as always. But this particular moment from Emma's father's speech was particularly sweet. This would be the part where he told her how proud he was that she turned out to be such a kind and loving person. 

Erik's best friend and Emma's sister also gave some beautiful speeches...

And after dinner, I stole the bride and groom for a few sunset shots by the river. I didn't want to keep them out of the reception longer than necessary, but I could have photographed them forever. 


After dark, time to party :)

Most party shots make it impossible to figure out the song they were singing...but this one is SO obviously Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson.

"...and this CRAZY!"

And I will end this post with my favourite shot of their first dance...

Congratulations you two, I wish you the BEST of all the good things in life. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing wedding day, from beginning to end