Friday, January 29, 2016

tips for creating the perfect album

The title of this post might be deceiving. You might think I'm going to write from the perspective of a photographer, sharing tips for choosing an album company, ordering sample books, and marketing albums for clients.

That is not the case.

This post is written for my brides, my lovely lovely brides. Preparing for a wedding is a year-long (if not longer!) process. It's full of ups and downs, fun stuff (like cake tasting!) and painfully boring stuff (two words: seating chart), but all you'll have once the wedding day has come and gone is the ring on your finger, a ton of great memories, and the album that sits on your living room bookshelf. 

It's my job to make sure that last part is as easy as possible :)

If you've perused my album website already, you'll know that once you choose the photos for your book the rest of the work is in my hands. I've compiled a few tips for choosing photos that will really enhance your album, starting with:


Albums start at 30 photos and there are options to upgrade to 50 or 100. My suggestion would be to do an initial look through your gallery, flagging photos that you think you'd love to have in your book. If that number if 45, you can probably shrink it down to 30 by eliminating a few photos that are similar. 

An album with 30 photos is generally simple and hits only the main elements of the day, whereas an album with 50 or 100 has more detail shots and a few more memories of candid moments and guests.


When narrowing down your large gallery to a small number of photos, it's easy to skip a photo of the church in favour of an extra shot of the wedding party. But a photo that sets the location of the wedding day becomes the thread that ties your wedding together and creates a story. 

When choosing photos for my own wedding album, I was thinking of my future children flipping through the book in their teenage years. I am so glad I have photos of the ceremony setup and the resort where we got married in there to piece it all together.


Even if it's just one or two photos, detail shots add a LOT to the look and feel of the book. I love when a bride chooses a photo of their invitation. I almost always put that photo on the first spread as a way to document the date, time, and details of the day right off the bat.


In 20 years, you'll probably feel more of a connection with candid photos of your friends and wedding party making speeches or enjoying the reception than you will of a posed photo where everyone is looking at the camera. Choose the photos that really show off how much fun you had :)

It's easy to feel pressure to include a photo of each family member in your book, and what ends up happening is you'll spend 3 photos on bride-with-mom, bride-with-dad, bride-with-brother, when you could opt for 1 photo of all 4 of you together. 


Your album will likely spend it's entire life in your living room, either on your book shelf or on a coffee table. You want it to look like it fits in your home, rather than choosing a cover that might match your wedding colours. When in doubt, neutral covers are absolute perfection.

If you're planning your wedding right now and you're already thinking you'd like to have an album designed afterwards, I would encourage you to take a peek at the album site. You can lock down the pricing on any of the books ahead of time and then once your wedding gallery has been sent to you, all you'll have to do is choose the photos! And trust me, that's the fun part :)



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

the sweetest digs

I first met Gemma when she was styling the reception decor for Suzanne & Kyle's wedding at Mill Street Brewery. We were both doing our thing, working away, and finding little times throughout the cocktail hour to talk to each other. 

Later that month I had a chance to sit down and shop through her gorgeous etsy store, where I found the more adorable pillows, pouches, and stunning prints with messages that suited her perfectly. Things like, "everyday I'm hustlin" -- how absolutely applicable for a girl-boss such as herself. 

Gemma welcomed me into her home one afternoon a little while ago to take a few photos of her latest pieces. It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by her creations, in a home that could be straight out of a magazine. 

Our visit was focused on Gemma's line of pillows. I had such a great time shooting the entire collection! I feel like I need this popsicle one for Jilly's room.

On my way out I snapped a few photos of her kitchen because I couldn't resist. You need to check out her home tour ASAP.

I hope you'll take a moment to do a little shopping in The Sweetest Digs Co. store!

baby gia enters the world

These photos can make me cry. Maybe because they were taken in the hospital where I had both my babies. Maybe because seeing a baby in the first few hours of life is one of the most special gifts out there. I'm almost positive, though, that the reason these photos can make me cry is because of the people in them. 

Being there for their engagement session, their wedding, becoming friends with Loraleah and sharing our pregnancies with each other, seeing her deliver Luca, finding out about baby number two...I feel like I've seen the highlights of their lives. And in five years, when I look back, I'm sure the moment I'll remember most will be the one where Bob came to see me in the waiting room, on a bright and sunny day in January, and told me that it was a girl. 

The perfect little family of four <3

And the star... baby Gia.

LL, have one more baby, please. I really want to do this all over again <3