Wednesday, July 17, 2019

shay + cam | romantic engagement session in downtown ottawa

Shay is one of those effortlessly gorgeous and stylish people who has always made me think, "wow, she would make a stunning bride..." She was a friend of a friend but over the two years we've become so much more than that. Together we celebrated our mutual bestie and grew to discover our many shared passions and undeniable similarities. 

In bits and pieces and mostly in passing, I met Cam and instantly loved his kind and generous personality, AND the way he always spoke so highly of Shay. If you know Shay and Cam in real life, then there's no need for me to remind you that they are relationship GOALS.

To the lovely Shay and Cam, who embody everything that my business is about, I cannot wait to share this sneak peek into your larger collection of romantic engagement photos on the most perfect evening in July... ENJOY!

Shay -- you are ridiculously easy to photograph and I adore you!!

This photo is honestly one of my faves:

We powered our way over to Cam and Shay's condo, which, by the way, was FILLED to the brim with roses on the day that he proposed... I can't think of a better spot to pop a bottle of champagne and change into look number two!

Omg literally heaven in a photo. 

See that little vase of champagne corks? Well, Shay and Cam like to celebrate, and so do their friends and fam. It was basically a national holiday for a full week straight after Cam popped the question!

Juuuust when you thought it was over, we took the elevator to the rooftop right as the sun was going down...


Guys I can't type. I'm just so freaking OBSESSED with these two!!

Okay, hi. 

Absolutely dreamy. Thank you, July, for having the most incredible sunsets ever!

S+C, when you asked me to document your 2020 wedding I was beyond honoured. Partly because I'm just so touched that you would trust me to capture every detail and every magical moment, but also because I knew that it would bring us closer. To meet your families and toss back a glass of champagne with your friends -- it is such a beautiful ride and I'm overwhelmed to be a part of it. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

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Friday, July 12, 2019

lo + liam | engagement photographer at vincent massey park

This session just radiates joy. Plain and freaking simple. 

I had planned on saving this post until Monday morning, but then I thought about my sweet, sweet client and bride-to-be, Laura (AKA Lo), who would be SO excited to receive my text saying, "check the blog!" and I decided that there was no time like the present.

So enjoy this DARLING engagement session for Lo and Liam, which took place at Vincent Massey Park. The beautiful views in the background represent so much more for these two, seeing as how they met at Carleton University.

They are so lovely! This was like 5 shots in, and I knew we were set. 

I started freaking out right around this point, having found this heavenly little spot and the most flattering sunset light...

Can confirm that this has been Lo's phone background since I sent it to her as a sneak peek ;)

How in the world did I get so lucky to have you both on my calendar for 2020...?

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