Wednesday, April 17, 2019

valentina's first birthday party | ottawa event photographer

Something a little different on the blog today! Wedding season is just around the corner, but for now...a Sunday afternoon couldn't be better spent than on an adorable first birthday party for Valentina!

Thankful for the opportunity to document this event, and for Brittany from Frid Events who coordinated all the details and decor! Enjoy: 

Gorgeous set up!

Look at the birthday girl cuteness <3

Sophie Bifield was in charge of this masterpiece -- she did Valentina's parents' wedding cake!

What a lucky birthday girl!

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

engagement session secrets from the inside

Last week I put out a podcast episode that is TOTALLY relevant for brides and photographers alike. It was incredibly well received which encouraged me to make sure that all of my clients had access to this info. 

So here we are!

If you've never checked out an episode of You Might Not Like It before...where. have. you. been! There is no time like the present. 

A few things you should know. First, I launched the pod back in November and have been pouring bits and pieces of my soul into it since then. 

Second, there's no niche, meaning it's not always photography specific, (it's not even always business specific!), so make sure to take a spin around once you've finished listening to Episode 28 - Engagement Session Secrets! Some of my favourite episodes ever are about relationships, goal setting challenges, and some are simply about storytelling. 

Third, if You Might Not Like It had a mantra, it would be: less fluff, no BS or fake enthusiasm, more hustle, and nicer self-talk. There are no rules, which means episodes could be 10 minutes or an hour depending on the content, which makes it perfectly flexible for your busy life.


A few notes about what you can expect to hear during Episode 28 - Engagement Session Secrets:


- my personal reasons for making the decision to include the engagement session with each wedding package
- how I use the engagement session to garner respect and trust from my clients
- and how that trust shows up in the photos and saves TIME on the wedding day


- I'll be quickly going over which 4 lenses are included in my camera bag for the engagement session and why
- a few notes about the settings I use most often, including how I use my macro lens to get the perfect ring shot
- don't worry, I skip the science and keep it moving here


- if you haven't done your engagement session yet, this episode will totally squash your nerves!!
- how I set expectations at the beginning to gently tear down the walls of fear
- the exact terminology I use when explaining my tips to clients
- example: fidgeting is encouraged, movement vs. stillness


- reading body language and matching clients' energy
- tips for posing women vs. men
- strategies for working with curvier clients
- how to get that natural looking lift shot -- it's all about the butt grab!
- why I demonstrate vs. simply describe these poses
- getting out of comfort zone


- what I'm looking for when we're walking around a location for engagement photos
- what I mean when I say "soft shadows"
- a look at what's going on behind the scenes during the shoot

Visit the website for more info on You Might Not Like It! I'm dropping new content every single week, sometimes twice a week, and it just might be the dose of motivation you've been missing. 

It makes me SO excited to be able to deliver content to you in this new and exciting way -- I hope you'll check it out!! xo