a much needed life update!

This place used to be my HOME.

I started the blog when I was 21 years old, working as an assistant in a tiny cubicle for Canada's biggest law firm. I found purpose here by sharing stories of the early days of entrepreneurship, while building an incredible portfolio that would evolve over the next 11 years. 

If you've never read my story, click here. 

Photo by Laura Fenny

I've been putting off this update for awhile, mostly because the story kept evolving! But isn't that always the way? We wait for the changes to stop so we can tell the story as a whole, but time keeps moving us forward, writing new chapters and changing what we think the ending will be. 

I'm sitting here at my desk on February 8th, 2022, having just hit publish on a completely new website for Laura Kelly Photography. I've done that a hundred times since I got started in 2011, but today was different. 

Out with old, in with the new!

The rumours are true: I am transitioning my career out of photography. 

In 2018 I set out to explore my options for my second career, and that lead me to start a podcast called "You Might Not Like It." The title is a nod to how judgement from others keeps us from going after what we want. Calling my podcast You Might Not Like It gave me the power back. It gave me permission to use that air space for whatever I wanted, and anyone who thought it was garbage already had a fair warning. 

TO MY CURRENT & PAST CLIENTS: I am still taking a limited number of sessions each month, and would love to continue documenting your lives. You are a part of mine, forever. Click here to see what's still available on the photography menu! 

I am currently booked for a full wedding season for 2022, and a mini wedding season for 2023. If you're wondering whether this news means I'm still shooting your wedding, of course it does! I'm here for you! (I've got a few friends who I promised I'd come out of retirement for too.)

Where does the story go from here? We'll have to wait to see! 

I'm on a journey that has no end in sight: creating the life of my dreams, on my own terms. I'm soaking up everything I can find, and telling stories along the way. For now, that feels like enough. 

Make sure you're following along on my main instagram account, @laurakelly.co, because that's where I'll be!

I also send emails when I have a story to tell, an offering to share, or a breakthrough on my mindset that feels too good not to share. I'm inviting you in, so drop your details below & welcome!


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