bio shots & rebranding (know what you want!)

Lately I've been chatting with lots of photographers and other creatives who are looking into rebranding their business, and a couple of these gals have asked if I have any advice before they jump right into it.

For me, one of the most important steps was creating a Pinterest board for the specific look and feel that I was going for. Prime example: I didn't know I liked the chalkboard and glitter combo until I saw their pins side by side on my board. 

I also think it's critical to have new bio shots done before a big rebranding, so that they match the site/blog to perfection. My previous bio shots that I had done in Vegas were PERFECT for my website at the time, but they would seem a little too perky and soft for the new look. 

I needed something a little more girlie/rocker, and I wanted to steer away from the green and the leopard print. 

So when it came time to shoot with Melissa, we exchanged Pinterest boards so that we would know what the other was looking for, and it helped TREMENDOUSLY, especially since we were shooting in the same location but wanted our photos to look different...

Here's a peek at Melissa's board, and one of my fave shots of her:

And here's my board, and one of my favourite shots from Melissa:

I hope that sheds a bit of light on the process of starting a website redesign, and getting bio shots that totally reflect your new brand!!

I would love to see your boards and your branding ideas, so please share :) 

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  1. So fun!!!! HOW PERFECT WAS THAT DOOR!?!?! Seriously perfectly matching the whole chalkboard effect and your glitter shirt?! - to die for!!! you go girl!My rebanrindg is underway and shoud be done by the end of the month. Can't wait for you to see :) Thanks again for the pretty pictures!


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