#51 join a book club!

#2: join a book club!

One of the hardest realizations I made during Making Things Happen, was that when it comes to friendships, we're not high school anymore...

Remember the days when you were guaranteed to see your friends a couple times a day between classes, eat lunch with them EVERYDAY, and sometimes get together after school to study?

The reality is that high school is over, and so is my corporate job where I sat in a cubicle beside tons of other 20-something legal assistants every day! I'm working from home, just Weezy and I, and that makes friendships so much harder!

I feel like one of those girls in the e-Harmony ads 
who says they work all day and don't have time to date or
 meet guys -- which is pretty accurate, just sub 'guys' for 'friends'...

So when I got home from North Carolina, I made a few changes to my relationships. 

I started saying YES more. YES to text messages that read "wanna grab a coffee?" regardless of what I had planned for my night (or whether I had just worked out and still needed to shower!), I said YES!

I identified some weak spots in my friendships and tried to break down some of those barriers. For example, Beans works with lots and lots of accountants, many of whom have AMAZING girlfriends/fiancés/wives, but if we were to wait until the guys are able to get a night off for a double or triple date, we'd be waiting months on end (no joke). 

So myself and two other accounting-widows decided to get together weekly, WITHOUT our guys. It makes sense right? Why should we have to wait to see each other just because the men are what links us together? These two girls are some of the best friends in the world, I'm convinced.

I started looking for other ways to meet new people, with an emphasis on meeting other likeminded ladies, who are all about friendship and positivity and passion. 

And that last one kinda fell into my lap...

You see, the day after I got home, I got a message from a lovely girl named Julia, asking me if I would be interested in joining her book club! And because of number 1 on that list above, of course I said YES! 

She sent me a link to the book club's blog (this should have been my first clue that this was no ordinary establishment...)

I mean...this book club even has Julia's Picks lol. This girl is destined to rule the world; I'm positive of that. 

And obviously there's a twitter account for the Unputdownable Book Club...doesn't every book club have one?

Last night was my very first book club meeting, and we were discussing The Prisoner of Tehran :) I was definitely nervous heading into a complete stranger's house last night with no idea what to expect, but Erin was such a gracious host and I met 15 other girls who are just too wonderful for words. 

Here's a group photo from last night!

I am so grateful for Julia extending the invitation my way, especially now that I know this club only takes members every once in awhile, by referral only! Oh, and by the way, this is just another example of how I have the BEST clients in the world, who become friends along the way...

And since you were wonderful, this month's book is The Glass Castle! My mother-in-law read this and LOVED it, and it will be a perfect read while we're on the beach for Shaun and Sherry's wedding in Punta Cana next week :)

I simply cannot wait for my turn to host this wonderful group in my living room, whenever the rotation gets around to me! 

Now I'm feeling like that girl on e-Harmony who is jumping around 
on a white background saying 
"I found my soulmate! Thanks, e-Harmony!"


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  1. this looks like a fab book club, and it's giving me lots of ideas for mine!! especially the blog! awesome :)


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