30 days of april

Goodbye March, helloooooooooooooo April!

I am having the BEST day today. I woke up this morning, drove Beans to work (I know...accounts always get the short end of the stick it seems), and came home to enjoy my self-declared Sunday of Fun.

Here's the lowdown:

Leftover watermelon from date night.
Watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days in bed.
TMZ Weekend (I embrace trashy television).
Jerseylicious (ditto).
Reading book 2 of the Hunger Games series.
...and catching up with my favourite photographers on Google Reader.

One of the posts I checked out this morning came from Kristen's Blog, and involved a photo challenge for the 30 Days of April. Take a look:

So watch out for my 30DOA posts this month :) I'm excited at the thought of taking photos for myself and sharing them with you.

My challenge is going to be not looking ahead, and letting each day have its own moment of creativity.

Happy April 1st everyone ♥


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