30 days of april {enjoy using}

Preface: (yes, this blog has a preface. I'm aware that that's slightly pretentious.)

I wrote this blog post at a coffee shop, between shoot number two and shoot number three on my Sunday afternoon. Instead of showing you a photo today, I'll be sharing this post.

I am grateful to them by default.
Grateful to them for trusting me to point the camera at then.
But then they do things, say things,
that make me feel completely and utterly indebted.

As Nicole, Kyle, their two pups, and I strolled through Major's Hill park,
I was overcome by that feeling of happiness that I get when I shoot couples.
That sense of knowing that I'm doing what I was meant to do.
Like I said, I was grateful to them by default.

But then this happened...
"I baked you some cookies!"

I was sure Nicole meant Kyle (you know, maybe as a reward for spending a precious weekend hour taking pictures in the park with us...), but she looked right at me, waiting for my response.

She said it again, "I baked you cookies! I read your blog and I thought you mentioned that you like cookies!"

I am writing this, with a happy heart, and the taste of chocolate chips on my on my lips, hoping to always remember exactly what it feels like at this very moment, to feel so loved, and so in love with what I'm doing.

I hope to never forget this feeling
(& this taste....god these cookies are deelish).

In a straight-up nutshell, all this to say that I enjoy using my spare minutes wisely, writing little notes to myself, you know...for safe-keeping. ♥

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, Weezy had his first bath today. He was such a good boy and we survived :)

P.P.S. Weezy has his first day of puppy school tonight! We have our treats, our leash, and everything ready to go :) Wish us luck!

P.P.P.S. Okay, getting out of hand with the P.S.'ing...but I just wanted to note that this is my last day of the 30 Days of April Challenge! I've so enjoyed this journey through April and I still can't handle the fact that May will be upon us in the morning...maybe because it's still Winter outside.


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  1. Sounds like an "A Ha" moment for you! Great posting.


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