30 days of april {enjoy laughing at}

I find myself taking breaks in my work day, just to stare at his little face.

We've only been friends for about a day and a half now, but we are getting along swimmingly :) He likes the sound of me typing, likes the sound of my camera (thank goodness), and I think he is already getting to know the Real Housewives of Vancouver. I know, little guy, Jody is mean isn't she?

We've had two mini naps together on the couch, one attempt at a walk, and lots and lots of playtime.

This is the very first shot I took of him, and I can't help but laugh because I can't tell where he ends and my shag area rug begins!

Oh, and we've officially named him! So say hello to Weezy (AKA Lil Wayne), he would give you some kisses if you weren't so far away!


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  1. oh my goodness!!! i am in love with your pup! so cute!


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