30 days of april {enjoy waiting for}

Shooting a wedding yesterday just reminded me how much I LOOOOOVE what I do...I love the people, I love the energy, I love the love, I really really do.

I am patiently waiting for wedding season to officially kick off (think end of May, early June), however I really am enjoying this before-period. I know that life is going to get hectic and stressful and all that jazz...so right now I'm trying to focus on being happy with April (and this 30 Days of April challenge is making that super easy!).

In the mean time...I'm watching as many wedding related movies as I can get my hands on (and let me just be super clear, when I say wedding related, what I really mean is there's at least talk of, thoughts of, or plans for some kind of wedding related event...yeah...it's a loose term).

Also on the list, but not in the photo:

27 Dresses
The Wedding Planner
My Best Friend's Wedding
Just Married
The Wedding Singer
...and likely 30+ more that I'm forgetting.

I am intense about movie watching.


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