I love my PVR.

I love it because I never have to watch a single commercial. I love it because I get to go to bed early and watch Chelsea Lately with my morning coffee. But mostly...I love it because sometimes it starts recording past seasons of a show that I have completely forgotten about.

This is especially true with Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. I have never tried to hide my love for awful, truly truly awful, television, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I am addicted to this show. The kind of addicted that makes me skip through the "coming up" previews before the commercial break so that the surprise isn't ruined.

Years ago when I discovered this reality show about Kimora Lee Simmons, Miss Baby Phat herself, I watched it purely because it was entertaining, but now that my PVR has started recording old episodes, I'm seeing it in a whole new light.

Kimora is...driven. unstoppable. crazy. Her work ethic is like nothing I've EVER seen or heard of. No matter how many things you're working on, watching this show will make you feel like a slacker, and this show has become my weekly dose of butt-kicking. (If you're having a hard time imagining this, just think of how watching Girls Next Door makes you want to skip your next meal.)

So let me introduce you to the new and improved Wednesday:

MAJOR productivity.

To me, that face screams GET TO WORK!


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