sophie + nicholas | expecting!

Sophie and Nicholas are so excited for the arrival of their little guy, Elliot :) If he is anywhere as cute as his parents, he'll be a heartbreaker. This I know for sure.

To start, let me just say that I am madly in love with the colour they painted the nursery!! It reminds me of my bright blue guest room...

Their house backs onto this great forest, and it was perfect for some outdoor shots :)

We asked to borrow the grumpy neighbour's bright red barn and I am so glad he begrudgingly said yes lol.



  1. I am so happy for this couple. Hope you will live happily together with your newly member of the family.

  2. so cute!! i am also so glad you wre able to use the barn...amazing color!

  3. oo this is sooo cute. your blog is my favorite thing to lurk!

    Rebecca Chanal : )

  4. **yup cant spell my own name. Chantal.


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