30 days of april {enjoy going to}

As we sat down to dinner, I noticed Beans' beaming smile and needed to ask him about it.

"This is the stuff right here."

He looked to his left to see his best buddy A-ross, looked to his right to see me, his future wife, and with a glance at his dinner plate (BBQ'd chicken sandwich with a fresh salad tossed in balsamic vinaigrette), he turned to us and said..."this is the life."

Today I am thankful for great friends, great food, and a trip to the movie store to hopefully pick out a great movie rental (I'll keep you posted...).

P.S...yes, they're wearing 3D glasses. That's just how they roll (slaaaash...you know I told them to...) 

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  1. Ted at 8:20 at the Coliseum, we good to go.


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