30 days of april {enjoy touching}

A little click here, a little clack there.

Normally when I take my 42 minutes everyday to watch an episode of Gossip Girl while I go on the elliptical, I hear those little clicks and clacks, and it doesn't bother me too much.

But lately, the clicks and clacks have turned into badonka-donks and clonks. (Okay, now I feel like Dr. Seuss...)

Beans is going to grease up the nuts and bolts tonight I think, but in the meantime, I've turned to jogging outside. It is such a refreshing change after being cooped up inside all Winter, and it is making me feel the imminence of truly gorgeous weather ♥

As vivid as my love affair with my elliptical is, there's gotta be something said for the feel of the ground under your feet, so with that, I leave you with happy thoughts of sunny days, and touching pavement.


1 comment :

  1. i completely agree, i went on a jog yesterday afternoon and it was complete bliss...hello spring


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