loving lately: lips + to-do's + public intoxication

1. Lip Saver

A friend gave me this little tube of lip balm and I'm really loving it :)

Apparently there's all kinds of bad stuff in Blistex (but don't quote me on that because I don't want the Blistex people coming after me!!) and this product is supposed to be much better for your lips! All I know is that I like the way it feels (& smells lol!)

My girl Juliann can hook you up if you're looking to learn more about it!

2. Injections of Butt Kicking

Last week I wrote about my love affair with Kimora and how it has started to serve as a weekly dose of butt kicking, and this morning I got so many things done that I'm bubbling over with this sense of accomplishment :)

It's been tough getting back in the groove after taking the long weekend off. My relationship with Google Reader was a little touch and go there for a second, but I think I've finally been forgiven (it just took an hour of buckling down and reading all 48 blog posts I missed).

I gotta say I'm loving these productive Wednesdays...!

Everything about me indicates that I would hate a show like Campus PD, but for some reason, I enjoy watching a good arrest for disorderly conduct or public intoxication.

It's 25% tragedy, 75% comedy.

And in place of a tune I'm loving lately, can we just all take a moment to
honour this fabulous duet on Glee...

...it makes me want to watch whatever shows or movies this random guy
is from (apparently he's slightly famous, according to IMDB).


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  1. OMG Blaine! I mean Darren Chris (guy in the red pants) he's pretty much amazing and i'm obsessed with him...i should stop before i start squealing like a tween


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